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Dhanu Rashi Yearly Horoscope 2016 according to Indian Astrology

Dear Sagittarius,

“It was the only thing I ever really wanted. And that’s the sin that can’t be forgiven--that I hadn’t done what I wanted. It feels so dirty and pointless and monstrous, as one feels about insanity, because there’s no sense to it, no dignity, nothing but pain--and wasted pain...why do they always teach us that it’s easy and evil to do what we want and that we need discipline to restrain ourselves? It’s the hardest thing in the world--to do what we want. And it takes the greatest kind of courage.”
                                                                                                                          ― Ayn Rand

Here’s wishing you a great run in the New Year 2016. May you exult in glory, imbibe the lessons, add to creative processes and grow manifold in this year.

Here is a look at the major transit that would be largely impacting your fortunes this year. But before we go on to that, please note that all predictions and analysis presented here is based on Vedic Astrology or Sidereal Astrology and the zodiac signs discussed here are the moon signs.

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  • Jupiter the benevolent teacher, the revered Guru stays in the sign of Leo, 9th to your natal moon till 11th August 2016 and thereafter this gentle giant rolls over into the sign of Virgo and stays 10th to your natal moon till the year end.
  • Saturn the grandmaster of karmic retribution continues its stay in the sign of Scorpio, remaining 12th to your natal Moon.
  • Rahu or the North Node of the Moon leaves the sign of Virgo on 31st January and comes into the sign of Leo where he remains 9th to your natal Moon for almost all of the year.
  • Ketu, the South Node of the Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius on 31st January, 3rd to your natal Moon and remains there for rest of the year.

(Please keep in mind that Rahu – Ketu have retrograde movements)

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The year 2016 for Sagittarius in a nutshell

The individuals born under the sign of Sagittarius have been under the influence of  Saturn’s seven and half year or the Sade Sati already. This by default indicates increase in the trails and tribulations in life of these folk. Considering the transits and existing influence of Sade Sati, the first half of the year is much more favourable than the later half of the year. Jupiter’s favourable transit through the 9th house of the horoscope denotes auspicious events and positive outcomes.

At the same time, Rahu moves in and becomes conjunct with Jupiter from the end of January – this may well result in increase in ambitiousness. You may be hoping for quite a swift growth and possible immigration towards better life chances and greater prosperity in a foreign land. You may also be placing a lot of expectation on grant of favour from authority figures. The period till the month of August 2016 will bring in quite a few heart – warming news.

However in the period post August, you may have to push harder to even get the slightest move forward. The effect of Sade Sati may have you facing some really tough situations in all aspects of life. Over ambition and over expectation must certainly be contained. Ketu’s transit through the third house gives a lot of courage and stamina to take on some ambitions big projects and also give positive results.

Professional life, Business and Financial Forecast for Sagittarius in 2016

As mentioned before the effect of Sade Sati may actually have you in a space of dissatisfaction. There may be a feeling of not having either enough opportunity to display your potential or a lack of resources / support to carry out your ideas or lack of cooperation in work environment. Despite these situations, first half of the year is still capable of giving you some good results relatively. Those individuals looking for suitable employment may be able to find an opening – it may or may not be to your liking but this is not in phase where you can be in choice–makers place.

Some of you who are well–placed in your careers may be given a position of greater responsibility; it may well be accompanied by conditions of transfer, or big targets or extensive travelling. You are ready and bright–eyed and look forward to the challenges. Some of you may receive a promotion too with increase in status.

Writers, publishers, artists, surgeons and craftsmen may have a good year. Those in the field of healing, psychics/ astrologers and counsellors may have a good phase too, bringing much fame and public acknowledgement. What you do need to watch out for –

- You must not unnecessarily waste time in decision making. If you sit of the fence out of confusion, the opportunity may slip by.

- Movement towards foreign shores/ distant lands may happen but expecting too much may set the stage for disappointment.

- Overly relying on support from higher ups and not doing enough at one’s own end could lead to issues again.

- Leaping at some offers of jobs that seem too good to be true/ or putting investment in get rich quick schemes are a sure way to land in trouble.

The second half of the year may see you handling rather difficult situations at work. There maybe delays and obstacles in getting your tasks done. Ego issues, work place politics and groupism may be hurdles that crop up. You may need to curb your own touchiness and take criticism/ opposition with a pinch of salt. While there are forces opposing you, support from unexpected quarters saves the day.

You may receive some held up/ blocked money in first half of the year. Financial situation is better in the first half with more expenditure concentrated in the second half. It will be better to control impulsive spending. Don’t commit to giving loans or extending yourself financially in a sway of emotions.

Business partnerships may be under stress. You struggle with trust issues as well as control. You may and up feeling as if you are made to work harder in a situation, where others should be contributing equally. Old debts may be a reason for worry too. Overanalysing situations will not do any good. Stay with facts and numbers and be sure to look at things from a place of objectivity as well as neutrality.

Personal Life, Marriage and Relationships for Sagittarius in 2016

The Sagittarius born individuals are under Shani’s Sade Sati which looks at the 2nd house of family and speech from the 12th house. Saturn’s aspects are malefic and indicate strained ties with family members and/ or parents. It could be due to differences or because of physical distance caused by transfer, moving away for education or because of tricky financial situations can also occur.

Division of assets and sale/ purchase of property may not be as easy as it looks you may be quite distressed by some worry/ concern related to a sibling in trouble.

There could be domestic issues too and in situation of a financial crunch, handle all talks about expenses and responsibilities with sensitivity and compassion. Stressful conditions could cause volatile situations, so try not accord more importance to a trivial situation than it deserves.

Looking after old and ailing elders may become an added responsibility. It will be great if you can perform the additional task cheerfully without rancour. The first half of the year is favourable for marriage or birth of a child in the family. Sale/ or purchase of a new property/ home is also possible in the first half. Try to refrain from misdirecting anger on loved ones.

Health and Well being for Sagittarius in 2016

The individuals of this star sign are likely to have digestion related issues mainly. There maybe problems with shoulders or the eyes. Some individuals may have to opt for surgical intervention too. Worry about health of elders in the family, especially father may cause anxiety.

Bone issues, nerve health & depression should be handled well. Do not self – medicate but always seek a physician’s advice. Stress and anxiety many also flare up lifestyle diseases. An old standing ailment may resurface causing discomfort.

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Lucky Factors for Sagittarius/Dhanu
Lucky Color Golden Yellow
Lucky Days Thursday
Lucky Number 3
Lucky Dates 3, 12, 21,30
Lucky Individuals Aries, Leo 
Jyotish Gemstone Remedies for Sagittarius in 2016

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Performance of these life optimizing remedial measures given below will ensure that new opportunities come in your life and obstacles and impending conditions are kept in check. Utilize timeless wisdom to forge ahead in life with enthusiasm and prosperity.

1. Wear an Unheated and Untreated Jyotish Gemstone Yellow Sapphire of 2-4.5 carats in the Index Finger, set in a Gold Ring.

2. Wear a Natural organic Jyotish Gemstone Red Coral of 5-7 carats in the ring finger set in a silver ring.


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Mantra Remedy for Sagittarius in 2016

1.Mantra to be chanted: Jupiter Mantra/Guru Mantra: OM GRAANG GREENG GROUNG SAH GURVE NAMAH. This is the mantra for planet Jupiter which rules your moon sign Sagittarius. Jupiter stands for wisdom, wealth and good luck. Use this mantra to get strength and vitality from your planetary ruler. The mantra can be chanted 11, 27, 54 or 108 times every morning.

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Date Planner For Sagittarius/Dhanu in 2016

Dear Sagittarius these dates have been calculated according to the transits of the moon. Use these dates for maximizing your life potential. On lucky dates you can expect career developments, mental peace, meeting important people etc. On unlucky dates you can expect quarrels and confrontations, health problems, anxiety and mood swings. Go all out on your lucky dates and keep a low profile on negative and unlucky dates. If a date occurs on both sides of the table it means a mixed day. Experience the power of Vedic Astrology with these dates.


Lucky Dates

Unlucky Dates


1,2,3,6,7,23,24,25,29,30 8,9,16,17,18,26,27

God Bless you with luck, health and prosperity.

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