Annual Horoscope for Capricorn 2016 / Vedic Astrology Prediction for Capricorn 2016 / Yearly Forecast Capricorn 2016
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Makar Rashi Yearly Horoscope 2016 according to Indian Astrology

Dear Capricorn,

                    “The buzzard has nothing to fault himself with.
                        Scruples are alien to the black panther.
                        Piranhas do not doubt the rightness of their actions.
                        The rattlesnake approves of himself without reservations.

                        The self-critical jackal does not exist.
                        The locust, alligator, trichina, horsefly
                        live as they live and are glad of it.

                        The killer whale's heart weighs one hundred kilos
                        but in other respects it is light.

                        There is nothing more animal-like
                        than a clear conscience
                        on the third planet of the Sun.”
                                                                                                    ― Wisława Szymborska

Here’s wishing you a great run in the New Year 2016. May you exult in glory, imbibe the lessons, add to creative processes and grow manifold in this year.

Here is a look at the major transit that would be largely impacting your fortunes this year. But before we go on to that, please note that all predictions and analysis presented here is based on Vedic Astrology or Sidereal Astrology and the zodiac signs discussed here are the moon signs.

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  • Jupiter the benevolent teacher, the revered Guru stays in the sign of Leo, 8th to your natal moon till 11th August 2016 and thereafter this gentle giant rolls over into the sign of Virgo and stays 9th to your natal moon till the year end.
  • Saturn the grandmaster of karmic retribution continues its stay in the sign of Scorpio, remaining 11th to your natal Moon.
  • Rahu or the North Node of the Moon leaves the sign of Virgo on 31st January and comes into the sign of Leo where he remains 8th to your natal Moon for almost all of the year.
  • Ketu, the South Node of the Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius on 31st January, 2nd to your natal Moon and remains there for rest of the year.

(Please keep in mind that Rahu – Ketu have retrograde movements)

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The year 2016 for Capricorn in a nutshell

The year 2016 brings mixed results for the Capricorn born individuals. The first half of this year is likely to be filled with relatively greater struggles and trying situations. The second half of the year brings relative comfort and favourable news as well as opportunities. Jupiter’s transit through 8th and later on Rahu moving into 8th also can indicate financial hardships.

There is greater interest in spirituality and you may want to explore a new spiritual discipline or philosophy. Overambitiousness and desire to move too fast would lead to problems. Saturn’s transit through 11th steadies the destabilizing influence of Ketu’s transit through 2nd and Rahu’s transit through 8th. It is a time where your attitude should not lead to creating enemies where there were none.

Avoid harsh speech- it could lead to vitiated atmosphere both in professional as well as personal life. Jupiter’s transit to 9th brings much relief from the month of August onwards – where it may lead to growth in wisdom, personal evolution and professional growth also. It would be wise to try and accomplish most of your important tasks in the second half of the year.

Professional life, Business and Financial Forecast for Capricorn in 2016

As mentioned previously, the first half of the year may bring greater difficulties and challenges vis-à-vis the latter half of 2016. You may be stuck in work place where you neither sense growth, nor any satisfaction. You may be on the look out for a different job, a second job or a change in direction of career altogether!

However, things may not manifest and you may find opportunities slipping away at the last moment. There maybe a financial shortfall and you may be put in a spot but it doesn’t ease out for a while. You may have to be careful about your interactions with subordinates and colleagues as well. Your feeling that others are unfairly being favoured and promoted does not entitle you to outbursts of anger. It is a phase based episode and you must maintain pleasantness and dignity in conduct.

Sharp words, losing calm and confrontations could only lead to harming to your own interests – attitude issues may be simply cited as the reason. Also, only commit to delivering realistic targets. Overpromising and later on struggling with deadlines and timelines could lead to you losing face. Your own health issues may create obstacles in maintaining productivity.

Saturn’s favourable transit through 11th will ensure that though many odds are stacked against you, there will be enough to tide somehow. The things that you need to do at your and are to curb restlessness, speak softly and push towards a healthy lifestyle. You may be able to receive a legacy or an inheritance in this period. Financially, it would be wise to avoid putting money in financial schemes, investments and especially stock markets.

Things become much more favourable from the month of August, as the gentle giant Jupiter rolls over into the sign of Virgo, moving 9th of your natal Moon. You can expect good news related to work during this phase. With Jupiter and Saturn both in favourable transits, a major wish fulfilment could be on cards. Those looking for a job posting/ opportunity in a foreign land find success and so do those looking at expanding business outside of the country.

Long distance fortunate travel may happen and you may be exposed to culturally diverse as well as intellectually rich set of people and influences. Some of the Capricorn individuals may receive a promotion, a raise or proposal to enter into a partnership. The financial soundness comes through in this phase. The academically oriented Capricorn people do really well and flourish publishing papers in prestigious journals or books that are received well.

Travels for attending seminars & conferences are likely. Students may get Scholarships/ grants to pursue higher level courses. This is a time where your confidence and morale is high and you should use this period to accomplish some cherished goals. Favours from superiors, sudden gain of fame and money are likely in this phase.

Those working in the areas of education, spirituality, healing, wellness, spas, religious services, psychics, astrologers and motivational speakers are likely to acquire depth in their work and do well. People at place of work may look up to you as a mentor and it has you rise up in public image as well. Rewards or appreciation at a public forum are likely. Do not take too long in taking decisions. Dilly – dallying may let the opportunity slip by.

Personal Life, Marriage and Relationships for Capricorn in 2016

The first half of 2016 may see you struggling on count of some personal issues with Ketu moving into the 2nd house in end January, it may signal the beginning of disconnection or distancing from your family of origin. Some of you may be travelling for work. It is quite possible that past resentments or bitterness may cause you to emotionally cut away from close ties.

Feeling overly burdened by other people’s expectations and also the feeling that you are only being ‘used’ in relationships may cause disappointment. There could be a loss also which brings grief. You will experience anxiety and tension as themes/ unexplored fears and thoughts about death and endings come floating into your consciousness far too often. Vivid dreams and unrest in the mind cause discomfort at a personal level.

There maybe money related stress that passes on into the interpersonal relationships too. Lack of recognition or alienation from extended family may lead you to question purpose of these relationships.

Things become better from August as you see yourself being drawn religion, spirituality and higher purpose. You are more forgiving and your own change of perspective sets off some positive changes in your personal life. Relationships are more rewarding relatively. Eligible and willing individuals may tie the knot during this phase.

Some families may be blessed by birth of a child too some of the individuals may find it challenging where other family members and loved ones find you difficult to communicate with – either you are too secretive or too sharp–tongued. Those having secret relationships and ties need to be careful as this phase could bring ill–repute.

Health and Well being for Capricorn in 2016

The year 2016 is a phase of general discomfort. Rahu’s position in the 8th house indicates anxiety about ill–health. Undiagnosed diseases, high fever and food poisoning are some things to watch out for. There could be issues related to genitals and you will do well to see a physician. Some individuals may have cholesterol issues as well as those of blood pressure! Diet needs to be regular & monitored. Also a healthier lifestyle, shunning lethargy must be embraced.

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Lucky Factors for Capricorn/Makar
Lucky Color Sky Blue
Lucky Days Saturday
Lucky Number 8
Lucky Dates 8, 17, 26
Lucky Individuals Aquarius
Jyotish Gemstone Remedies for Capricorn/Makar in 2016

What is a Jyotish Gemstone

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Performance of these life optimizing remedial measures given below will ensure that new opportunities come in your life and obstacles and impending conditions are kept in check. Utilize timeless wisdom to forge ahead in life with enthusiasm and prosperity.

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2. Wear a Natural Jyotish Gemstone Emerald of 2-3.5 carats in the Index Finger, set in a Gold Ring.


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Mantra Remedy for Capricorn in 2016

1. Mantra to be chanted: Saturn Mantra/Shani Mantra: OM PRAANG PREENG PROUNG SAH SHANESHCHRAY NAMAH. This is the mantra for planet Saturn which rules your moon sign Capricorn. Saturn stands for balanced views, long standing success, maturity and relationships with sub ordinates. Use this mantra to get strength and vitality from your planetary ruler. The mantra can be chanted 11, 27, 54 or 108 times every morning.

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Date Planner For Capricorn/Makar in 2016

Dear Capricorn these dates have been calculated according to the transits of the moon. Use these dates for maximizing your life potential. On lucky dates you can expect career developments, mental peace, meeting important people etc. On unlucky dates you can expect quarrels and confrontations, health problems, anxiety and mood swings. Go all out on your lucky dates and keep a low profile on negative and unlucky dates. If a date occurs on both sides of the table it means a mixed day. Experience the power of Vedic Astrology with these dates.


Lucky Dates

Unlucky Dates


4,5,8,9,26,27,31 1,2,10,11,18,19,20,29

God Bless you with luck, health and prosperity.

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