Annual Horoscope for Aries 2016 / Vedic Astrology Prediction for Aries 2016 / Yearly Forecast Aries 2016
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Mesh/Mesha Rashi Yearly Horoscope 2016 according to Indian Astrology

Dear Aries,

Here’s wishing you a great run in the New Year 2016. May you exult in glory, imbibe the lessons, add to creative processes and grow manifold in this year.

Here is a look at the major transit that would be largely impacting your fortunes this year. But before we go on to that, please note that all predictions and analysis presented here is based on Vedic Astrology or Sidereal Astrology and the zodiac signs discussed here are the moon signs

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  • Jupiter the benevolent teacher, the revered Guru stays in the sign of Leo, 5th to your natal moon till 11th August 2016 and thereafter this gentle giant rolls over into the sign of Virgo and stays 6th to your natal moon till the year end.
  • Saturn the grandmaster of karmic retribution continues its stay in the sign of Scorpio, remaining 8th to your natal Moon.
  • Rahu or the North Node of the Moon leaves the sign of Virgo on 31st January and comes into the sign of Leo where he remains 5th to your natal Moon for almost all of the year.
  • Ketu, the South Node of the Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius on 31st January, 11th to your natal Moon and remains there for rest of the year.

(Please keep in mind that Rahu – Ketu have retrograde movements)

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The year 2016 for Aries in a nutshell

The Year 2016 is likely to be a year that brings mixed results for the Aries born individual. The first half of the year is definitely poised to be more fruitful and success giving as compared to the latter half. It would be wise to give your best and push through some of your critical tasks before the month of August. Jupiter’s 5th transit that last till August 11th, 2016 is likely to consolidate your fortunes and make sure that you get your due rewards – both in terms of remuneration for work as well as acknowledgement / praise for your hard work.

It’s 6th transit through Virgo may not necessarily, bring positive outcomes, Saturn’s continuing difficult 8th transit keeps the process of churning and evolution going. There maybe some sweeping changes in your personal life as well as professional environment and you may quite logically take time to adjust to these changes. Some of your may be challenged by emotional attachments and may have a tough time in letting go or forgiving.

Some individuals may be tempted to expand intellectual horizons and may look for enrolling into specialised courses. While there is a lot of growth potential in this period, the pitfall lies in trying to achieve too much in too little time – Avoid taking shortcuts and stick to standard rules, protocols and procedures.

Professional life, Business and Financial Forecast for Aries in 2016

The Aries born individuals can expect a challenging year in terms of professional life. There maybe unexpected ups and downs but you’ll be able do much better if you look at it as a learning curve. Anyway, Jupiter’s favourable transit for the first seven months indicates a time where progress and positive outcomes are possible. Your efforts may be rewarded and some of you may receive a promotion, a raise or a position of higher status. Financial situation is one of the areas that still remain not so stable. Money does flow in and you may get a profitable contract or another avenue of earning too – however, expenses line up on the double, so unless you are cautious about your spending and your financial planning, it could get to a place of uneasiness and uncertainty.

It is quite possible that some of you may have loaned out money to help bail out a loved one, but may not receive it back when due. This could upset some of your planning too. This is definitely not the time to invest or speculate on a whim. Don’t get carried away by promises of grand returns or get-rich-quick schemes.

Also, in your work sphere, it would pay to remain flexible, be a sporting team player and make changes to work blueprints if need arises. A stick-in-the-mud attitude would most likely lead to loss of respect or support. Also, don’t let your ego cause you to oppose working in cooperation with other members of organisation in similar capacity.

The individuals running a business in partnership need to be all the more careful especially when handling joint assets / finance and accounts. The transit of Moon’s South Node or Ketu through your 11th house does augur some sudden gains but it would also depend on placement of planets in your personal horoscope. To order a personalised gemstone report Click Here. Know how Planetary gem therapy can help you through the challenges.


Personal Life, Marriage and Relationships for Aries in 2016

The first seven months of the year could be used favourably to ease out the creases in existing relationships. Saturn’s 8th transit would most certainly test the stability of relationships as well as challenge your notion of love and friendship. You may have to deal with redefined concepts, new boundaries or restart your life in the personal space anew. It’s only because one understands oneself through others.

Health of the elderly could also keep you in a state of anxiety. Some of the Aries individuals inclined and eligible for marriage may tie the knot or get engaged in the first half of the year. Some of you may even welcome a child into your home with Jupiter’s grace to the 5th house. Too many expectations from a relationship and unwillingness to adjust could cause problems. You will most certainly need to keep a check on your temper and think before you speak during this time.

It would be wise to put off any plans to purchase a property or make a significant investment therein, especially in the second half of the year. Wait for a more favourable phase. You may also feel that there is support missing from father or father figure. There could be emotional distancing from family members or a distance caused by work related transfer. Academic plans may also be faced with some hurdles.

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Health and Well being for Aries in 2016

The transit of planets through certain difficult positions indicate more chances of stress and anxiety disturbing the peace of mind of the Aries born individual. There may also be some issues of indigestion and acid reflux. You will also need to be careful with bone related issues. The elderly may have to deal with painful arthritic conditions or get operated upon for joint mobility. Worry regarding health and well – being could be a constant niggle. There could be mental health issues or nerve related disorders. There may also be the constant fear of losing a loved one.

Lucky Factors for Aries/Mesha
Lucky Color Red
Lucky Days Tuesday, Sunday
Lucky Number 9
Lucky Dates 9, 18, 27
Lucky Individuals Leo, Libra, Sagittarius 
Jyotish Gemstone Remedies for Aries/Mesha in 2016

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2. Wear a Natural organic Jyotish Gemstone Red Coral of 5-7 carats in the ring finger set in a silver ring.


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Mantra Remedy for Aries in 2016

1. Mantra to be chanted: Mars Mantra/Mangal Mantra: OM KRAANG KREENG KROUNG SAH BHOMAY NAMAH. This is the mantra for planet Mars which rules your moon sign Aries. Mars stands for courage, enthusiasm and victory. Use this mantra to get strength and vitality from your planetary ruler. The mantra can be chanted 11, 27, 54 or 108 times every morning.

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Date Planner For Aries/Mesha in 2016
Dear Aries these dates have been calculated according to the transits of the moon. Use these dates for maximizing your life potential. On lucky dates you can expect career developments, mental peace, meeting important people etc. On unlucky dates you can expect quarrels and confrontations, health problems, anxiety and mood swings. Go all out on your lucky dates and keep a low profile on negative and unlucky dates. If a date occurs on both sides of the table it means a mixed day. Experience the power of Vedic Astrology with these dates.


Lucky Dates

Unlucky Dates




God Bless you with luck, health and prosperity.

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