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The Gemstone report is a detailed report made by analysis of your birth data and making of charts. Gemology is an exact science. This report is NOT software generated. It will recommend which gemstone/gemstones will be favorable for you and in what way. Briefly the Gemstone report is made up of the following segments:

  1. Charts and Planetary Periods according to the Birth Data.

  2. The Gemstone/Gemstones favorable for you.

  3. How and which areas of your life the Gemstone/Gemstones will affect positively.

  4. Gemstone compatibility with individual in percentage.

  5. The Exact weight of the Gemstone in carats

  6. The Planetary Periods in which you have to wear the Gemstone/Gemstones.

  7. The finger in which you have to wear the Gemstone.

  8. The metal in which you have to wear the gemstone.

  9. Substitutes of the original gemstones suggested in the Gemstone Report.

  10. The Mantra for wearing the Gemstone. (Necessary Audio Files will be Provided)

  11. Auspicious time, date and hour of wearing the Gemstone.

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