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It is important to determine your moon sign correctly for understanding moon sign predictions according to Vedic Astrology

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Date of Birth in dd-mm-yyyy format
Place of Birth
Time of Birth

  1. Click on the free chart link here .

  2. Insert your birth data.

  3. Scroll down to the first table called as the Saptavarga table in Rasi

  4. The planets are written in the first column. In the second column numbers are written in front of the planets. The number written in front of the moon in the Div.1 column is your moon sign.

  5. The following is the number key to the moon sign/Vedic birth sign/janma Rasi:

    1. Aries/Mesh

    2. Taurus/Vrishabha

    3. Gemini/Mithun

    4. Cancer/Karaka

    5. Leo/Simha

    6. Virgo/Kanya

    7. Libra/Tula

    8. Scorpio/Vrischika

    9. Sagittarius/Dhanu

    10. Capricorn/Makar

    11. Aquarius/Kumbh

    12. Pisces/Meen
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