The Five Mukhi Rudraksha/Five Faced Rudraksha Bead
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A Five Faced Rudraksha

The most abundant bead among all Rudraksha beads. At least 90% yield of the Rudraksha Tree is of the five faced Rudraksha bead.

The representing deity is Lord Shiva. It helps in curing the malefic effects of Jupiter. It is the bead of Good luck, academic excellence. It has a tranquil effect over the mind and helps one to be calm. The rosaries for mantra chanting are generally made of 5 faced beads.

It is helpful in regulation of blood pressure and controlling body fats. It creates a protective Armour around the body and protects the wearer from adverse situations. Widely used in blood pressure related problems. Read more about it here.

Mantras for Consecration

Puranas Mantra
Padma Purana Om Hum Namah
Mahashiv Murana Om Hrim Namah

How to wear
  • The Five Faced bead should be worn on an auspicious day in an auspicious constellation strung in a white thread while chanting any of the mantras described above. Alternatively it should be worn in a Gold Chain. But Sages advise to wear it in a white thread.

  • Generally individuals do not wear it on the body but keep it in a Gold/Silver box after applying a tilak of Kumkum/Vermillion on it. It is passed on from one generation to the another and is indicative of the good fortune of the family.