The Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha/Eleven Faced Rudraksha Bead
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A Eleven Faced Rudraksha

The representing deity is Lord Aanjeneya/Hanuman. It protects the wearer from Aakal Mrityu (sudden or accidental death). Helps in concentration and instills a feeling of right actions and courage. A bead with strong protective influences it a good for removing fear.

The wearer knows no fear. Helps in attaining worldly comforts and wealth. It is specially beneficial for women. The Lady gets a caring wealthy husband and is also blessed with a male progeny.

Mantras for Consecration

Puranas Mantra
Padma Purana Om Sreem Namah
Mahashiv Murana Om Hrim Hum Namah

How to wear
  • The Eleven Faced bead should be worn on an auspicious day in an auspicious constellation strung in a white thread while chanting any of the mantras described above. Alternatively it should be worn in a Gold Chain. But Sages advise to wear it in a white thread.

  • Generally individuals do not wear it on the body but keep it in a Gold/Silver box after applying a tilak of Kumkum/Vermillion on it. It is passed on from one generation to the another and is indicative of the good fortune of the family.