Rudraksha Blood Pressure Kit - Use of Rudraksha for controlling Blood Pressure
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The Rudraksha BP Kit

Herbal Blood Pressure Control:

The Rudraksha B.P kit contains a pair of high quality five faced Rudraksha beads and a charged and energized bloodstone pendant. The blood stone is studded in silver and can be worn round the neck. This Astro Journey product is best seller.

How to use:

The pair of five faceted bead should be immersed in water overnight and then in the morning the Rudraksha water should be drunk on an empty stomach. Any glass will do but please do not use copper glasses or vessel. The bloodstone pendant should be worn around the neck in such a manner such that it touches the heart area. 

The pendant is in silver. You can use any chain, locket or thread to wear the pendant.


Immensely beneficial for individuals who have blood pressure (high or low BP) and stress related problems. BP will be controlled with the time frame of 7 days-41 days.


Copper glass or vessel should not be used. The beads should be kept in a clean and a dry place. You have to use ordinary drinking water. All Rudraksha beads are sent with Research Material.

Those individuals on Blood Pressure medication like Nicardia etc should continue with the medication along with the use of the Blood Pressure Kit. After your Blood Pressure readings start showing stability statistically consult your Doctor before discontinuing the normal allopathic medication.

All Rudraksha BP Kits are sent with extensive Research Material.