Rudraksha Mantras - Mantras for consecrating Rudraksha Beads
rudraksha tree

A Rudraksha Tree

The Rudraksha must be consecrated and energized with mantras before wearing. A consecrated Rudraksha Bead acts like a Kavacha/Armour and protects it's wearer from problems and clears obstacles. These mantras will help you in energizing your Rudraksha bead to reap the maximum benefits.

!!! Om Namah Shivay !!!

Mantras for consecrating different faced beads-Source: Shiva Purana

Faceted Bead Mantra
One Faced Om Hreem Namah
Two Faced Om Namah
Three Faced Om Kleem Namah
Four Faced Om Hreem Namah
Five Faced Om Hreem Namah
Six Faced Om Hreem Namah
Seven Faced Om Hum Namah
Eight Faced Om Hum Namah
Nine  Faced Om Hreem Namah
Ten Faced Om Hreem Namah
Eleven Faced Om Hreem Hum Namah
Twelve Faced Om Kraum Ksaum Raum Namah
Thirteen Faced Om Hreem Namah
Fourteen Faced Om Namah

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The mantras described in the Shiva Purana are the simplest. They can be chanted by all. For the purpose of attaining Siddhi the consecration method is different. If you are inclined to do Siddhi then ask your Guru (Preceptor) to tell you of the special mantras. If you find difficult to chant the above listed mantras then consecrate the beads with the Shiva Panchakshri Mantra/The five Syllable Mantra of Lord Shiva.

!!! Om Namah Shivay !!!