Rudraksha Power - Physical and Chemical properties of Rudraksha Beads
dus mukhi rudraksha, 10 faced rudraksga

A Ten Faced Rudraksha Bead

Rudraksha bead/Utrasum bead botanically known as Elaiocarpus Ganitrus Roxb have been used since times immemorial by mankind for mental and physical well being, anti stress agents, body fluids regulators, meditation, controlling adverse planetary configurations and for divine spiritual practices.

These beads grow in Indonesia, Nepal, few countries in South east Asia. In India they are found in Himalayan region, Sikkim, Dehradoon, parts of Garwhal , Assam, Bihar, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. They are also found in Java. In Karnataka also some varieties of Elaiocarpus is found but most of them are not Rudraksha. These Beads generally of large size belong to a different species.

!!!! Rudraksha does not follow the laws of Planetary Gemology. The Rudraksha expert ascertains which bead will be beneficial to the individual !!!!

There are 38 types of Rudraksha and these beads are available in 21 facets. Facetsí are prominent vertical natural lines found across the Rudraksha, and each kind has a specific purpose. Facets/faces in Hindi are Known as Mukhi.

The Rudraksha rosary can be worn by anybody but for individual problems, desires or adverse planetary configurations special facets are prescribed after an in depth analysis of the problem and the birth chart.

These Rudraksha beads show chemical and physical properties like inductance, capacitance, movement of Electric current etc as shown by research by the scientists at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). It has been proved that the Rudraksha has tremendous healing properties and is now being widely used in Alternative medicine. The ash of the Rudraksha Beads are also use in native and Ayurvedic Medicines.

The Rudraksha Beads directly act on the Central nervous system by emitting bio electrochemical impulses hence calming the mind and inducing the brain to release positive and mood uplifting chemicals to bring about calming changes. The Rudraksha bead resembles the shape of the human brain with the sulci and gyri. The beads have shown remarkable results to control stress and anxiety and regulation of heart beat.

!!!! Any one can wear a five faceted bead. Howvever it is always better to consult an expert before wearing other beads !!!!

The Power of the Five Faced Rudraksha beads to control Blood Pressure and stress in known the world over. Two five faceted beads dipped in a glass of water overnight and the water had early morning on an empty stomach reduces blood pressure considerably besides giving an individual a feeling of calm and tranquility. If this pair of five faceted beads are used with a blood pressure stone studded in silver and worn round the neck (blood pressure stone only) it controls the blood pressure problems within 40 days. The good effects and sometimes amazing results are felt within 7 days of wearing the blood stone and drinking Rudraksha water. Nowadays Rudraksha beads are also known as blood pressure beads! They will control high or low BP if genuine and properly charged Rudraksha Beads are used. Find out more details of  Rudraksha BP Kit.

The bead creates a powerful Armour around the individual wearing the bead and makes the individual mind receptive to positive radiations and energy thereby improving the quality of life and curing depression.

A very thought provoking and informative article on the Utrasum beads can be found here. (Scroll down to the Science section)

Dr. Suhas Roy of the Benaras Hindu University proved in the year 1993 that the Rudraksha beads possess inductive and electromagnetic properties. When worn over the heart the beads send different and distinct signals differing for different facets and thereby regulating brain activity and directing it towards better health. The agitated state of mind and the Dopamine levels of those who wore five faceted bead was found to be less.

!!!! The biggest producers of Rudraksha are Indonesia and Nepal. Both produce Rudraksha of good quality !!!!

Chemical Composition of the Rudraksha Beads:

The Rudraksa beads are mainly plant product that contain Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and different trace elements in a combined form. The gaseous elements in the following proportion:

Elements Percentage
Carbon 50.024%
Hydrogen 17.798%
Nitrogen 0.9461%
Oxygen 30.4531%

The following elements are also present albeit in less quantities:

Aluminum, Calcium, Chlorine, Copper, Cobalt, Nickel, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Silicon Oxide and Zinc. 

Manufactured Rudraksha Beads generally available in religious fairs etc will not have these properties.