Brihat Shani Yagna - Saturn Homa
saturn, shani

Saturn/Shani Dev

With the supreme blessings of Lord Shani/Shaniswara and under the guidance of our Guru-Guruji Shrii Arnav, we at are performing the  Brihat Shani Yagya/Saturn Homa from 18th May 2009 to 24 May 2009, which happens to be Shaneshchar Jayanti - The birthday of Lord Shani.

Guruji Shrii Arnav
Guruji Shrii Arnav

The Brihat Shani Yagya/Saturn Homa will be conducted at the Varada Vinayaka Temple. In addition to the Shani Yagya there will be special Yagyas every day. This is going to be a very powerful, auspicious and holy event and we invite all of you to come and join us and reap the benefits.

This homa is of special importance to individuals who are undergoing the Saturn Cycle/ Sade Sathi. Individuals belonging to Cancer, Leo and Virgo moon sign and those individuals who are undergoing tough planetary cycle or sub period of Saturn should participate. This will help them in Shani Shanti and also help them get the blessings of Lord Shani.

Shani Yagya, Saturn Homa, Saturn Yagya, Saturn Homa
Vedic Priests Performing Poojas to Lord Shani

In addition to daily chanting of Shani Mantras please find below the brief details of the Yagyas that will be conducted daily till 24 May 2009.

18th May 2009

Ganpathi Homam/ Ganesh Yagya: We start the proceedings with Ganesh Homa. Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and by invoking his blessings we pray that all proceedings go uninterrupted. Lord Ganesha will also help us in the final objective of Shani Shanti.

Vastu Homa: This homa is conducted to purify the surroundings where the Homa will be conducted and to invoke all auspicious deities to bless us to complete the task.

19th May 2009

Ganpathi Homam/ Ganesha Modaka Homa: This homa for Elephant Lord Ganesh is to remove obstacles and bring prosperity in life and sweetness in personal interactions.

20th May 2009

Navagraha Homa: This homa is to invoke all the 9 planets. In this homa mantras for all 9 planets are chanted and oblations are put in the sacred fire to invoke the blessings.

21th May 2009

Nakshatra Homa: This homa is to invoke all Nakshatras/ Constellations to seek their blessings.

22th May 2009

Durga Lakshmi Homa: This homa is to invoke mother Durga the supreme protector and Mahalakshmi the Goddess of wealth to bring about safety and prosperity in our lives.

23th May 2009

Sudrashan Homa: Lord Sudrashan is the sacred discus of the supreme Lord Mahavishnu. This homa is to resolve long standing disputes, litigation and enemy problems. Those individuals who are facing restrictive conditions in life, facing litigation problems and having problems due to jealousy etc should participate in this homa.

24th May 2009

Lalita sahasranama Pooja and Homa: This homa is performed to invoke Lalita Devi the supreme mother representing the Divine Feminine. This homa has the capacity to give the supreme bliss in life and total salvation. On this day we will also be consecrating Sri Yantras.

24th May 2009

Rudra Abhisheka and Rudra Homa: On this day we will be invoking Lord Shiva in the form of Rudra-Destroyer, renovator. This homa is especially useful for individuals facing oppressive conditions in life and/ or health problems. We will be consecrating Rudraksha Beads on this day.

24th May 2009

Brihat Shani Yagya: The principal Yagya will be conducted on this date.

How to participate

Those individuals who want blessings from this divine program should send their names and birth stars to us by e-mail. We will take their names during Sankalpa. These individuals will definitely reap benefits and get some peace during the Saturn Cycle.

Special Pooja and Participation

Individual who would like special poojas conducted in their name can send their participation by donating $44/- or  INR 2188/- only. There will be special Namarachana Pooja for Lord Saturn for these individuals daily in addition to their names taken during the Sankalpa for the Main Shani Homa. Individuals should send their name and birth star for this purpose. Those individuals who are not aware of their birth star should send the following data:

Date of Birth (Example format: 19th May 1977)
Time of Birth (Please indicate AM/PM)
Place of Birth (Please include city, state and country)

These individuals will be sent the following sacred articles upon completion of the Shani Homa:
1) Saturn Iron Ring

Saturn Ring, Iron Ring

Out of the many vehicles of Lord Saturn, is a black horse. This ring is made from the horse shoe of a black horse and gives protection against enemies, jealousy, animosity and accidents. This will also be very useful for individuals who are facing tough conditions at the professional level and those who have a debt problem.

2) Consecrated and Energized Shani Yantra

Shani Yantra, Saturn Yantra

The consecrated and energized Shani Yantra will bring in peace, prosperity and removal of fear and anxiety. Individuals should keep this sacred talisman in their pooja place, altar, and place of worship and should take blessings of this great talisman daily.

3) 7 Faced Rudraksha Bead

seven face rudraksha

One of the most powerful Rudraksha Beads representing the powers of Lord Saturn and the seven divine Snakes. This Rudraksha will improve health, remove lethargy, give focus to a wavering mind and also improve the inflow of wealth.
Glimpse of the Proceedings/Program
A glimpse of the proceedings at  Varada Vinayaka Temple from 18/05/2009 to 24/05/2009.

Sl.No. Date Morning Program 9 am to 12 noon IST Evening Program 6 pm to 8:30 pm IST



Sri Maha Ganapati Pooja
Maha Sankalpa, Punyaha, Deva Nandhi, Panchagavya, Raksha Bandana, Vastu Pooja & Homa,
Maha Mangalarati, & Prasadam Viniyoga

Ganapati Athaarva Sharsha Parayana & Shaniswara Japa 11,000



Ganapati Pooja, Kalasha Sthapana, Shodasupchara Pooja
108 Modaka Ganapati Homa, Poorna Aaahuti,
Maha Mangalarati, & Prasadam Viniyoga
Shaniswara Japa 11,000

Navagraha Parayana &
Shaniswara Japa 11,000



Ganapati Pooja, Navagraha Kalasha Sthapana, Shodasupchara Pooja, Navagraha Homa, Poorna Aaahuti, Maha Mangalarati, & Prasadam Viniyoga
Shaniswara Japa 11,000

Nakshatra, Ayoshya Suktha Parayana & Shaniswara Japa 11,000



Ganapati Pooja, Nakshatra Ayeshya Kalasha Sthapana, Shodasupchara Pooja, and Homa, Poorna Aaahuti, Maha Mangalarati, & Prasadam Viniyoga
Shaniswara Japa 11,000

Durga and Lakshmi Japa &
Shaniswara Japa 11,000



Ganapati Pooja, Durga Lakshmi Kalasha Sthapana, Shodasupchara Pooja and Homa, Poorna Aaahuti, Maha Mangalarati, & Prasadam Viniyoga
Shaniswara Japa 11,000

Sudarshan Japa &
Shaniswara Japa 11,000



Ganapati Pooja, Sudarshan Kalasha Sthapana, Shodasupchara Pooja & Homa, Poorna Aaahuti, Maha Mangalarati & Prasadam Viniyoga
Shaniswara Japa 11,000

Lalitha Sahasranama Parayana & Shaniswara Japa 11,000



Ganapati Pooja, Lalitha Kalasha Sthapana, Shodasupchara Pooja & Homa, Poorna Aaahuti, Maha Mangalarati & Prasadam Viniyoga
Shaniswara Japa 11,000

Mahanyasa Poorvaka Rudra Parayana Japa 11 Times &
Shaniswara Japa 11,000



Ganapati Pooja, Rudra Kalasha Sthapana, Rudra-Abhisheka, Shodasupchara Pooja & Rudra Homa, Poorna Aaahuti, Maha Mangalarati & Prasadam Viniyoga
Shaniswara Japa 11,000

Ganapati Pooja, Shaniswara Maha Kalasha Sthapana, Archana, Shodasupchara Pooja, Manthra Parayana, Ashathavadhana Seva, Maha Mangalarati, Prasadam Viniyoga



Ganapati Pooja, Kalasharadhana Abhisheka, Shodasupchara Pooja, Agni Parathisthan 8 Homa Kundas,
12,500 Shaniswara Aaahuti Homa

Kheera Tharpanaya, Maha Poorna Aaahuti, Maha Mangalarati, Kalasha Visarjana & Marjana Aashirvad, Theertha Prasadam Viniyoga, Kalasha Vasthra Sahitha Dasha Dahana, Sambhavane Pala, Sweekarna

Note:- The Final day program timings will be from 9:00 hrs to 13:30 hrs IST


Brihat Shani Homa Package - Shani Jayanti 2009

Item code SYH2009: Brihat Shani Homa Package-Shani Jayanti 2009 - A Saturn Iron Ring, consecrated and energized Shani Yantra and Seven Faced Rudrakha bead. Price USD($) 44/ INR 2188/- (Note: for INR is as per prevailing currency rate). 

Shani Yantra set, Saturn Yantra set

With this Shani Yagya we are also embarking on our long standing goal to make the auspicious and powerful Shani Dham - the pilgrimage center of Lord Saturn. This project involves:

1) Construction of Shani Temple and installation of a powerfully consecrated Shani Idol in Bangalore/ India.

2) Establishment of an educational institute for underprivileged and destitute children with focus on imparting professional skills.

3) Establishment of a free hospital which will provide free consultancy, medicines, treatment and other Medicare facilities for the poor and the underprivileged.

4) Establishment of a Yoga Center for imparting Yoga, Vedic Wisdom, Naturopathy, Ayurveda facilities for free of cost.

5) Establishment of a school of ancient wisdom.

6) Construction of Temple and Meditation centers for all Nine planets.

7) Research center, center for cultivation of ancient medicinal herbs, center for teaching of healing arts and alternative medicine.