Astro Journey Yagna/Yagya/Homa Programs
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A Homa being taking place at Varada Vinayak Temple

Yagna (Yagya)/Homa is a very powerful Vedic procedure or ritual and mantra chanting is one of its essential components. The Yagna is designed to invoke and implore at least one deity to be helpful in restoring health and the environmental balance. In reality it is the only way to cleanse the body, mind and atman together to ignite soul power.

A stone when thrown into a pond produces waves that travel throughout the pond. A wave produces effects in every part of the pond, resulting in some influence or other. Similarly, the wave of individual life through its activity produces an influence in all fields of the cosmos. Yagnas create a ripple effect in the cosmos bringing positive results intended to the individual.

"Our present destiny is shaped by our past actions and our present actions will determine our future destiny" Vedic Literature on Yagnas

Yagyas are part of the actions you can undertake in the present, to remove your negative karma and co-create your future positive karma. Yagnas operate like karmic surgery. Hence Yagnas not only help neutralize difficulties, blockages and problems, but they can also help prevent potential future negative occurrences. Yagnas are specific to attainment of particular desires, obstacles or challenges a person is having at the time. While some Yagnas can improve someone’s life toward the ultimate liberation from the boundaries and sufferings of life, others are performed to attract fulfillment of desires and wishes and to reach a level of joy and contentment.

In order to individualize the effect of Yagna and Mantra chanting, the Brahmin/ priest performing the ritual speaks the person’s name, gotra and all particulars including birth details to make him unique beneficiary. This is Sankalpa or the sacred oath. Individuals can also give the names of their relatives, friends for the sankalpa ceremony. Benefits will accrue to all those individuals whose names are taken in the ceremony.The resonance of mantras and offerings travel through the universe and influence/ benefit the person for whom the Yagna is being performed.

Certain special homas especially for individuals in creative fields such as singing, acting and other performing arts can be conducted only in the home premises of the individual. Same goes for victory in litigations and elections.

Person from any nationality, religion, caste or creed can utilize the help of these Yagnas and mantras for their benefit. Yagnas are conducted on a regular basis by Astro Journey Vedic Brahmins at Varada Vinayak Temple premises according to the strictures and instructions given in the sacred scriptures.


Classification of Yagnas

Yagnas are generally classified as Laghu, Madhyam and Brihat. The details of which are as follows:

Laghu Yagna – This is a small Yagna. Generally 1000 mantras are chanted for the objective or the deity and 100 oblations, offerings are made to the sacred fire. The number of mantras actually depends on the mantras prescribed in the Shastras. The above example is for illustration purposes only. The cost of such Yagnas is in the range of $400 - $500. This type of Yagna is intended for individuals who generally get Yagnas conducted every month or quarterly on their birth stars. The Laghu Ganesha Yagna for material prosperity and removal of obstacles falls in this category and 2-3 Vedic Pundits are required for conducting this Yagna. These Yagnas are completed in 1 day.

Madhyam Yagna – This is a medium Yagna. Generally 10000 mantras are chanted. Oblations and offerings to the sacred fire are made with 1000 mantras. The above example is for illustration purposes only. The cost of such Yagnas is in the range of $750 - $1200 and 4-6 Vedic Pundits are required for conducting this Yagna. These Yagnas are completed in 2-3 days.

Brihat Yagna – This is the largest Yagna and is according to the recommended mantras in the Shastras. Generally 100000 mantras are chanted and the oblations are made to the holy fire with 10000 mantras. The cost of these Yagnas is in the range of $1500 - $3000 and 10- 12 Vedic Pundits are required for conducting this Yagna. These Yagnas are completed in 4-7 days.

The above descriptions are based on an approximation. Mantra chanting and the exact procedure vary for Yagya to Yagya. The cost of the Yagna varies with the materials required for the Yagna. Each homa/Yagna requisite materials unique to it.

On request Astro Journey can make the homa, a group event by open invitation. In this all spiritually oriented individuals are welcome to be a part of the ritual conducted on an individual’s behalf and get spiritual merit.

After completion of the Yagna, the energized picture of the main deity, Yantra or Rudrakshas are sent to the individuals along with the directions on how to use them. Sometimes energized talismans are also sent. This depends from ritual to ritual. It is not possible for us to send ash of the sacred offerings now due to strict customs regulations after the 9/11 tragedy.

The Yagnas are conducted in Varada Vinayak Temple, Behind Swayambhu Complex, Dr. Raj Kumar Road, 4th N Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560 010.

Types of Yagna

Following Yagnas are conducted by Astro Journey on a regular basis. For requesting any Yagnas mentioned below or for queries you can mail us at In case the individual cannot be present for the homa it is advisable to send a recent photograph, which is returnable after the homa.

Sl.No. Yagna Objective/Purpose
1 Ganesha Yagna For wealth, prosperity and removal of obstacles. Before starting any new venture or product launch.
2 Mahamrityunjaya Yagna  For good health and removal of diseases, pacifying negative planets.
3 Kal Mrityunjaya Yagna   For one suffering from a grave disease and on deathbed.
4 Ashtlakshmi Yagna  For getting wealth from all 8 forms of Mahalakshmi. Best Yagna for musicians, singer, actors or individuals who have creative arts as their career.
5 Lakshmi Narayana Yagna For getting blessing of both Mahalakshmi and Mahavishnu. For stable wealth and to enjoy love and bliss.
6 Sudarshan Yagna For removal of problems, enemies, litigation and competition.
7 Kubera Yagna For success in business and wealth. Best Yagna for self employed individuals and businesspersons. For getting this Yagna organized every 3 months in your name and in the name of business venture please contact One year booking in advance is essential to get this Yagna done.
8 Kalsarpa Yagna  For individuals who have this Yoga in birth Chart.
9 Navagriha Yagna  For pleasing all nine planets controlling our life.
10 Shani Yagna A 3-day procedure. This Yagna is done to appease Lord Saturn.
11 Kuja Rahu Yagna For individuals who have Mars Rahu conjunction in birth chart. This conjunction creates havoc in love life and creates unfortunate relationships. Can be dangerous to the health of the individuals. This Yagna removes the Karmic Blockage caused by these two planets.
12 Santan Gopal Yagna For begetting a progeny.
13 Individual Planetary Yagnas For the planet creating trouble in life. For this analysis of birth chart is important.

Other specific Yagyas such as Bagalamukhi, Chandi, and Shakti etc are performed on recommendation.