Ashtlakshmi Yagna/Ashtlakshmi Homa/Ashtlakshmi Yagya

Lakshmi is the Goddess who governs all forms of wealth and success and the paths, means and results of all forms of prosperity. She bestows the 16 types of wealth: Fame; Knowledge; Courage and Strength; Victory; Good Children; Valor; Gold, Gems and other Valuables; Grains in abundance; Happiness; Bliss; Intelligence; Beauty; Higher Aim, High Thinking and Higher Meditation; Morality and Ethics; Good Health; Long Life. This is the best Yajna for business men, corporate businesses, performing artistes like musicians, singer, actors and people in the field of creative arts.

There are three types of Yagyas performed for Mother Lakshmi. They are Mahalakshmi Yagya, Shri Sukta Yagya and Ashtlakshmi Yagya.

Mahalakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu (Narayana) who is the God of Preservation. As a female counterpart of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi is also called Shri – the female energy of the Supreme Being. The word Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘lakshya’ meaning aim or goal, and she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. Mahalakshmi Yagya has been designed to fulfill one’s material and spiritual goals. 

Shri Sukta is a Siddha Mantra and is a radiant mass of energy. For the adoration of Lakshmi, there is no hymn equal to the Sri Sukta. The letters, syllables and words in the fifteen verses of Shri Sukta, collectively form the sound body of Lakshmi, the presiding deity of this Hymn. Lakshmi is often depicted sitting or standing on a lotus with golden coins flowing in an endless stream from one of her hands – symbolic of when the lotus of wisdom blossoms, the wealth of good and noble qualities appears and Lakshmi’s blessings are present. Shri Sukta Yagya has been designed by incorporating the divine Shri Sukta in the Yagya proceedings.  


Mother Lakshmi in Eight Forms
Mother Lakshmi has 8 primary forms personified as Ashtlakshmi. For getting wealth from all 8 forms of Lakshmi one should perform the Ashtlakshmi Yagya. The 8 forms of Lakshmi are:

1) Adi Lakshmi: In this form Lakshmi is seen serving Shri Narayana. Adi Lakshmi serving Shri Narayana is symbolic of her serving the whole creation.

2) Dhanya Lakshmi: Dhanya means grains. Lakshmi is the Goddess of the harvest and the Devi who blesses with abundance and success in harvest. This symbolizes the inner harvest, that, with patience and persistence, we obtain the abundance of inner Joy we obtain the blessing of Dhanya Lakshmi.

3) Dhairya Lakshmi: This form of mother Lakshmi grants the boon of infinite courage and strength. Those, who are in tune with infinite inner power, are always bound to have victory.

4) Gaja Lakshmi: Sage Vyasa writes that Lakshmi came out of the ocean during the churning of the ocean (Samudra Manthan). She came out of the ocean sitting on a full-bloomed lotus and also having lotus flowers in both hands with two elephants by her sides holding beautiful vessels.

5) Santan Lakshmi: Children are the greatest treasure. Those who worship this particular form of Sri Lakshmi, known as a Santan Lakshmi, are bestowed with the grace of mother Lakshmi and have wealth in the form of desirable children with good health and a long life.

6) Vijay Lakshmi: Vijay is victory. Vijay is to get success in all undertakings and all different facets of life. Vijay is to conquer the lower nature. Hence those, with grace of mother Vijay Lakshmi, have victory everywhere, at all time, in all conditions.

7)Dhana Lakshmi: Dhana is wealth. Wealth comes in many forms: Nature, Love, Peace, Health, Prosperity, Luck, Virtues, Family, Food, Land, Water, Will Power, Intellect, Character etc. With the grace of mother Dhana Lakshmi we will get all these in abundance.

8) Vidya Lakshmi: Vidya is education. Serenity, Regularity, Absence of Vanity, Sincerity, Simplicity, Veracity, Equanimity, Fixity, Non-irritability, Adaptability Humility, Tenacity, Integrity, Nobility, Magnanimity, Charity, Generosity and Purity are the eighteen qualities imbibed through proper education that only can give immortality.
Classification of Yagnas

Yagnas are generally classified as Laghu, Madhyam and Brihat. The details of which are as follows:

Type No. of Mantras No. Of Oblations Vedic Pandits Duration of Yagya Cost Consecrated and Energized Yantra/Talismans as Prasad
Laghu Yagya 1008 mantras 108 oblations 2-3 1 day $350 to $400 Crystal Shri Yantra of 30 gms
Madhyam Yagya 12500 mantras 1250 oblations 4-6 2-3 days $600 to $850 Crystal Shri Yantra of 60 gms
Brihat Yagya   125000 mantras 12500 oblations 10-12 4-7 days $1200 to $2500 24 Karat Gold Plated Framed Mahalakshmi Yantra

The above descriptions are based on an approximation. The cost of the Yagna varies with the materials required for the Yagna. 

The Yagnas are conducted in Varada Vinayak Temple, Behind Swayambhu Complex, Dr. Raj Kumar Road, 4th N Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560 010.