Effects of Saturn Cycle/Saturn on Various Signs
lord shiva

Lord Shiva - The Supreme Yogi In deep Meditation

Saturn i.e., Shani Deva enters Libra on November 15, 2011. For two and a half years Saturn will be in his sign of exaltation i.e. Libra. Let us see how Saturn will affect individual natives during this period. Again these are effects of Saturn alone and strictly according to lunar astrology:

  • Aries/Mesha/Mesh: Saturn transits seventh to your sign. There could be great progress, but hard work and sincere efforts will be a prerequisite for success. You may get opportunity to associate with an overseas venture or firm. Domestic harmony will be affected. Good news related to children will keep you going.

  • Taurus/Vrishabha/Vrish: The year brings glad tidings for those who have been feeling the heat due to unpaid loans and expenses. You will be able to pay off your loans. Health becomes better and work situation also begins to look up with new opportunities coming your way. You will be able to dominate your rivals/ enemies.

  • Gemini/Mithuna/Mithun: There will be a lot of respite for your sign as the dhaiyya period ends. Students pursuing technical and engineering related fields will do well. Those inclined towards academics, research and training will also be able to see a favourable time. The impediments in way of your work and finances will be gone soon. Unnecessary expenditure will come down.

    !!!! Om Namah Shivay !!!!

  • Cancer/Kataka/Karaka: A slightly tough period begins for you Ė the Saturn dhaiyya, when the planet transits 4th to your natal moon. There could be however fruition of plans related to acquisition of a new house or immovable property. You may be affected due to some delays and disappointments. Fatigue may make you irritable and edgy. You will need to watch out because short temper and reactionary approach may spoil things for you.

  • Leo/Simha/Singh: Intense relief for you as you are free from the effect of Saturnís Sade sati. You will feel as if you have exited a pressure chamber! Pending work will now be able to move swiftly towards completion. You will get the resources and self confidence to take on life and challenges with a renewed enthusiasm. You will become more initiative taking and enterprising. Short distance travels will be fruitful. Relationships with siblings improve.

  • Virgo/Kanya/Kanni: You enter the phase termed as the setting phase of Sade sati. You will need to put in adequate effort and hard work. If you do manage to sustain your hard work, your efforts will bear good fruit despite the sade sati. You will get opportunities to show your abilities and mettle through negotiations and deal making. Financial gains could be there. You will need to keep yourself busy constructively otherwise mental anguish may take its toll on you.

    !!!! Om Namah Shivay !!!!

  • Libra/Tula: This is the sign of Saturnís exaltation and in this sign Saturn is capable of giving best results. Your rewards will be in keeping with your efforts. All the professions that relate to justice and judiciary will have a good run in this phase. There could be a promotion and gain of wealth. However, health may be affected.

  • Scorpio/Vrishchika: Your sign begins the first phase of the Sade Sati of Saturn. You will be under increased pressure and will feel an intensification in problems. There will be lack of sleep and adequate rest. You may also see an increase unnecessary expenditure. You may get opportunity for abroad travel. Mental anxiety and anguish will be there.

  • Sagittarius/Dhanu: Saturn will now move 11th to your natal moon for a period of two and a half years. This spells good news for you, especially in terms of financial gains, opening of doors for progress, removal of obstacles, new opportunities! Political, social and financial gains are foreseen. Health will also become better. Do not shy away from opportunities that allow you to display your potential.

  • Capricorn/Makar: There will be good news coming in related to career. There may be several developments awaiting you. There could be some disharmony in the domestic environment. You need to keep your attitude good and stay away from becoming quarrelsome. Try to deal with situations diplomatically. Old pending works will get through. You will be able to gain in terms of knowledge and experience. Good news from children will give you happiness.

  • Aquarius/Kumbh/Kumbha: It will bring good results for you. Use intellect and objective assessment to take important decisions. There will be relief from a lot of anxieties and worries as you come out of Saturnís dhaiyya. There could be gains from overseas. If you are appearing for any competitive exam or engaging in a sporting event, do not flinch from hard work. Rewards will be proportionate to your efforts.

  • Pisces/Meen/Meena: Your sign will now be under the Saturnís dhaiyya for the next two and half years. This spells some tough times. There will be delays and disappointments. The key will be not to dwell on the setbacks but learn from them and keep moving forward. Do not get into wrangles with people in authority. Complete the work assigned to you on time. Treat your subordinates with due respect and fair dealing. You will need to be especially careful about your health.