The Character of Saturn

Durga - The Affectionate Mother

!!!! Saturn Prayer- 'Nilanjan Samabhaasam Raviputram Yamagrajam Chayya martand Sambhootam tam namami Shaneshchram' !!!!

Saturn is the son of Sun as per the ancient astrological texts. Astrological and religious treastises have given various descriptions of Saturn. He is "Mr. NO NONSENSE" - why because he shuns pomp and show and lays stress on hard work and pragmatism. He is the hard task master who does not tolerate any laxity from its students. He is dark in colour and emits blue radiations.Neelam (Sapphire is his stone) and iron his metal. He is strict but often misunderstood as cruel. He represents longitivity, determination, losses, accidents renunciation, prosperity , lunacy , servants and death in a astrological chart. He also represents oil, black colour, disease, lunacy, toddy sellers, iron merchants, thieves, litigations and jailhouses. He is slim with deep set eyes.

Whenever a native comes under it's influence his circumstances become difficult If Saturn is badly placed). Suddenly the native starts to lose his temper more often. There are financial losses. The children of the native become disinterested in studies and the native's martial life is marred by quarrels and misgivings. But there is a reason for this. Saturn has been blessed by Lord Shiva to be the judgment maker and give punishment to dishonest and cruel natives. Saturn will make the native go through various obstacles and when Saturn will leave the native the native will shine as gold. He will make him a better person just by serving difficult conditions on him. He makes a man of sterling character. Think can he be considered inauspicious. Lawmaker is free from all emotions and same goes for Saturn. Think of how many people you have hurt. Think about how many times have you been dishonest. Think of how many times you have fallen prey to temptations that are immoral. Saturn will make you pay for all this and make you repent. As soon as you will start to change yourself he will start to help you. Saturn takes a person towards the higher goals in life.

!!!! Om Hreem Dum Durgaye Namah-Durga Mantra !!!!

When placed in the 3rd, 6th and the 11th houses in a chart Saturn will give great benefits to the native. He will make him enjoy kingly comforts and at the same time add to his spiritual growth. He can confer riches and comforts that are beyond the capacity of other planets.

Whenever you are under his seven and a half year cycle or the 2 and a half year dhaiyya become humble. Pray to the God with strong devotion. Help others. Do not rush into decisions. Think not once but twice. Be slow to make a promise but be quick to keep it. Engage in some form of charity. Help the needy. Try to consciously control your temper and you will see a positive change occurring in your life. You will get divine experiences and never be the same again. Saturn will make you like a shining jewel

One of the typical things that occur when the Saturn cycle starts is litigation. One can become involved in court cases, lose job, placed under suspension or transferred to a place away from the desired place.

!!!! Worship Saturn by offering sesame oil/til ka tel and feeding dogs and crows !!!

One of Saturns name is "mand" i.e. slow moving. Become slow moving like him. Be cautious, weigh options pragmatically and then make a decision. Saturn will take you to great heights.

A good example is of Super star Amitabh Bachhan. Amitabh gave his first hit in Saturn's major period. And for the next 19 years of Saturn's Mahadasha he scaled heights that will be difficult to equal by anybody. Saturn is definitely the strongest planet.