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My Kingdom is diseased. The physician cures the headache, fever follows. He tries to allay the fever and something else supervenes

Dear Friends,

The above quote is of the 14th century monarch Mohd. Bin. Tughlaq. Astrology is in the grip of same ailments today as Tughlaq's kingdom was in the 14th century.

The Great seers of India such a Parasara, Mantreswara, Varamihira and a host of others did monumental work in this field to help mankind. Vedic Astrology shines as a jewel among other Great Shastras(Sacred Writings) and can help man to live successfully and realize his/hers role in this divine plan of life. Astrology /Jyotish-Is the science of Light!

This website was started with the aim of providing real astrological knowledge to all and remove some of the fears that have been created by certain people regarding certain Astrological yogas(combinations) . The articles on Manglik Dosha and Kaalsarpa yoga have received much appreciation. We would also like to thank you all for the feedback that you send us regularly. In six months we have made rapid strides and are listed on the top of many search engines including the Yahoo directory of Vedic Astrology. We have been awarded the prestigious planetary gemologists recognition. To read further about this please see the notice board.

But the greatest satisfaction has been that we have been able to help people all around the world. When we receive a letter of appreciation from someone which tells that we were able to make a real contribution to their lives our day is made! Yes we are working on some of your queries and plan to start a Glossary section shortly. This success has been possible due to the blessings of Aadhya Shakti Maa and your support. We reaffirm that you will continue to get quality articles every month!

One thing-Before you actually decide to go for an analysis it is important to know certain fundamentals and understand how they will help you. If you are going for an analysis ( JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT, As one individual put it) Vedic Astrology is not for you and cannot help you. Secondly you must understand that an horoscope is not a two page report with two charts. Many people come to us with two pages and ask for an analysis. There are a combination of charts and at least some 20 or more charts have to be casted for the complete analysis of the horoscope. Before you actually order you must understand the meaning of different houses and what they represent:

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What do the houses in the Vedic Birth chart represent?

The basic chart has Got 12 houses. Each of them represent different facets of human life. Here you will find a brief introduction to all 12 houses:

  1. The first House: (The house of Self), The ascendant, Lagna

    This is the most important house in the chart and plays an important role right throughout the life of an individual. It represents the physical stature, complexion, form and shape of an individual. The health, vigour, vitality and natural tendencies are controlled by this house. This also represents personality, jest for life, honour, dignity, well being, upper part of the face, longetivity and start in life.

  2. The second House: (The house of wealth)

    All money matters are governed by this house. Fortune, profits and gains, power and resources, security, material achievements , jewellery, shares, security, speech, eyes, vision, stocks and bonds, precious stones, memory, education, tongue, nose teeth, chin and family are governed by this house. This is also a maraka sthana or a death inflicting house.

  3. The third House: (The house of courage and siblings)

    The mental intellect and disposition is governed by this house. Courage and the ability to achieve things and complete tasks are represented by this house. Relationships with brothers and sister's , assistance or otherwise from them are also studied from this house. Relations with neighbours, valour, short travels, communications&transport, correspondence, writing, change of residence, contracts, agreements, rumours carrying tales, hands, throat, shoulder blade, collar bones arms and nervous system are some things that this house gives information about

  4. The fourth House: (The house of mother and pleasures)

    Mother, native place, residence, domestic environment, grave, private affairs, secret life, luxury vehicles, fields, pastures, farms, orchards, mines, buildings, houses, ancestral property, hidden treasure, academic education, wells, water, milk, ponds, lakes etc, are represented by this house

  5. The fifth house: (The house of progeny, romance and competition)

    Progeny, whether one will have children or not, of what sex, inclination, recreation, pleasure, artistic talents, entertainment&amusement, sports, excelling in competitive activities likes crosswords, cards, games of chance, gambling or betting, love affairs, ambassadors, good or bad morals, mantra, tantra, religious mindedness, high learning and wisdom, enormus riches, spiritual practices etc are represented by this house.

  6. The sixth house: (The house of enemy and disease)

    Types of diseases, whether they will be curable or not, nursing, food, services, employees, sub ordinates or servants, debts, cattle, tenants, jealousy, enemies, maternal uncles, mental anguish are represented by this house

  7. The Seventh House The house of marriage and partnerships):

    Earthly ties and unions, legal bondage, spouse, partners in business, conjugal life, litigation, influence in foreign countries, success and reputation in foreign travels, dangers in life, Relationship with spouse, gains or losses after marriage, type of spouse and his/ her physical and mental disposition

  8. The eighth House (The house of accidents and death)

    Longetivity and span of life, inheritance, legacy, wills, insurance, pension, gratuity, accidents, fire or suicide, misery, misfortune, soorow, strife, worries, disgrace, delay, dejection, disappointment, loss, obstruction, theft and robbery etc are represented by this house

  9. The ninth House The house of Fate and Fortune):

    Faith, wisdom, divine worship, pilgrimages, philosophy, fortune, religious disposition, meditation, intuition, sacrifices and charity, father, Preceptor, learning and teaching, dreams and visions, long journeys, air and sea travel, higher education foreign travels, knees.

  10. The tenth House (The house of profession):

    Honour, dignity, public esteem, power and prestige, credit and recognition received for a task completed, success and staus, rank and renown, respect and fame, ambition, authority, permanency in job, promotion, advancememt in Job, appointments. Government, political power, high posts such as President etc, last rites to parents, honour from Government etc.

  11. The eleventh house (The house of casual incomes and gains):

    Friends, soceity, community, favorites, ambitions and wish fullfillment, gain of wealth, success in undertakings, incoming wealth, prosperity, elder brothers, recovery from illness, dawn of fortune, ankles

  12. The twelfth house: (The house of expenses and Losses):

    Losses and impediments, restraint and limitation, waste and extravagance, expenses whether good or bad, deception, investmets and donations, charity, misery and misfortune, sorrow and sin, secret ememies, involvement in scandals, disgrace and insults, secret sorrows. Sucess through occult affairs, the feet , left eye, left ear, bed pleasures, life and activities in foreign places

Added to the house, the placement of planets, their lord and their placement in various houses are studied for an accurate analysis. There are various charts that are drawn to arrive at a correct conclusion.

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The Quality of your question

Accurate analysis depends a lot on your questions. Questions asked intelligently can yield accurate analysis and prediction. For example, if one asks: What is my future? This question can lead us nowhere. Just read the description of the houses and think can such a question can be answered. Please do not confuse Astrology with Fortune telling and abuse this science. A good question would be;I want to change my Job? When will there be fruitful conditions for this career change. Will i benefit from This career change? This question sets the astrologer mind to one thing and the native is benefitted. Some good questions can be (These are some of the Good questions that we received through the net):

  1. I am not healthy. Last year i had a renal failure and had to be operated upon. This has led to shooting medical expenses. When will i be free from these physical ailments and what should i do to get rid of these ailments?(Ref # 3631)

  2. I had given a loan to my friend two years ago on no interest basis. Now he refuses to give the Loan amount back on some pretext or the other. When will i get this loan amount back. When do you see financial prosperity for me?(Ref # 3162)

  3. I am having problems with my brothers regarding the division of our family estate that was left to us by our father. They are creating legal problems, Will i get a share of the estate. If so when. (Ref # 2918)

  4. I am planning to construct a new house but this plan gets delayed by one reason or other. When will i have my own house. Please take out an auspicious date next month for starting the new work. (Ref # 3610)

  5. Even after two years of marriage we don't have a child. The tests were conducted and everything is all right physically . Will i be a mother? If so when. (Ref # 3307)

  6. We have been married 10 years and have three daughters. Will we be blessed with a Son?(Ref # 4781)

  7. I have been facing litigation for the last two years. My employer has filed a suit against me . I am innocent. I have been incurring legal expenses and tremendous mental pressure. In these times of stress my friends have left me and i do not have enough money to pay my rent. My family life has been disturbed to a considerable extent. When will i free from these problems. Please suggest remedial measures. (Ref # 1003)

  8. When will i get married? I am sending the birth details of my Girlfriend. Are we compatible according to Astrology. How will we fare as a couple after marriage"?(Ref # 5322)

  9. I have been married for 13 years now. For the last couple of years we are having problems. Differences have crept in. This is partly my fault for i have an extra martial relationship which my wife is aware of . However beside this i feel she is basically against me. She does not love me or entertain my friends and makes fun of me in front of everybody and threatens me with divorce. I hate the very sound of the word. I just cannot believe this is the same woman i married and was in love with. Please guide me. (Ref # 0671)

  10. I am very interested in occult practices. I have tried my hand at various Sadhanas but have not got success. Which God should i worship for success in Sadhana. What is the mantra i should chant for maximum benefit. (Ref # 6166)

  11. Sir, my son is in the final year of Graduation. He is an excellent student and i feel that he has a good chance of success in the Administrative services. Although he differs with me and wants to Do further studies in Management. What do you suggest. He has Sun in the 10th house. I am a small time Astrologer and that is my line of thinking. Please Guide. I am enclosing his birth chart. (Ref # 1162)

  12. I have a peculiar problem. I have never worked for more than six months at a stretch. I am not fired from the Job but wherever i go the company closes down within six months. Now my resume is filled with numerous entries that show six month jobs. please Guide when will i get a permanent Job. (Ref # 3147)

  13. I have been working in a software development firm for the past one year. The salary is excellent and there is good chance of making rapid strides. I have just received another job offer from a foreign concern. The difference as far as salary and Perks is concerned is not much. Although i feel that this Job will give my credentials a boost and will be helpful in future. Should i make this change. Kindly analyze this for me in depth as this is of utmost importance to me. (Ref # 2243)

  14. I am interested in starting a new business. What will benefit me. I have one retail outfit that deals in cosmetics and perfumes. I want to venture into pharmaceuticals. Will i be as successful in this line as i am in cosmetics. (Ref # 2314)

  15. I am going through severe mental stress for quite some time now. I get weird dreams sometimes and i am afraid of them. My whole body gets cold when i have one of these dreams. Please help. (Ref # 4378)

  16. Dear Sir,I want to construct a meditation hall where people can practice higher forms of meditation. Please take out an auspicious time for starting the construction. All the resources are in order. (Ref # 1716)

  17. I have been in active politics for the past 16 years but have not till yet got a ticket to fight an election. What i get is only reassurances and nothing else. How is my political career. Will i get success in future. Please suggest gemstones that will help me. (Ref # 1596)

  18. Dear Sir,i am a research student. I do a lot of work but the credit goes to my Professor's and my name is published in the last in small letters. I am not getting the recognition for my original research. Where does the problem lie and till when it will continue. (Ref # 0045)

  19. Sir,I am most interested in being an Actor. I have taken speech training and dialogue delivery classes. I have submitted my portfolio to a lot of agencies but haven't received a reply from them. It is my long cherished dream to be successful as an actor. My folks have been very co-operative with me but now i feel that their patience is running out. Please suggest steps to be taken to be successful in this field. (Ref # 3041)

  20. What remedial measures should i take to be successful. (Ref #2877)

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