Remedies for The Seven and a Half Year cycle of Saturn: Sade Sathi Remedies
lord hanuman, anjineya
Lord Hanuman - Praying to him will lead to freedom from an adverse Saturn Affliction
!!!! Narbhavi-Good has to happen !!!!

Participate in the divine Shani Yagna/Saturn Homa and get relief from Sade Sathi/Saturn Cycle.

The conditions applying to the remedial measures have already been stated. Remedial measures are accessories, the main thing is your honesty, hard work and devotion. The following remedial measures are recommended by the Divine Shastras/treatises for Saturn Cycle. Performance of these remedies will give relief and bring success.
  1. Wear Consecrated and Energized Saturn Rudraksha Pendant.

  2. Chant the Shani mantra/ Saturn Mantra Om Sham Shaneshray Namah for 108 times daily or chant the mantra for Saturn as described in the section Sacred Chantings.

  3. Procure an iron ring/Saturn ring made from the horse shoe of a black horse. Wash it in pure water, preferably Ganges water, apply tilak, show incense and wear it in the middle finger of your right hand. This should be done on a Saturday.

  4. Try wearing a Blue Sapphire. First tie it on your right arm. If it does not harm you in 3 days or you don't get bad dreams then get a ring made in panchdhatu/Penta Alloy (Mixture of 5 metals) and wear it on a Saturday in your middle finger in a rising moon period.

  5. Water the Peepal tree (the fig tree) while chanting the 10 names of Saturn. The ten names are: (i) Krishna (ii) Konasth (iii) Vabhru (iv) Shani (v) Mand (vi) Pipplad (vii) Yama (viii) Sauri (ix) Rodrantko (x) Shaneshchar.

    Also mix some black sesame/ Gingely seeds (til) with water.

    !!!! Narbhavi-Good has to happen !!!!

  6. Do not purchase black clothes, iron materials, oil on a Saturday.

  7. Worship Lord Hanuman on a Saturday. Light a Ghee (clarified butter) lamp (Dipak) in front of his idol.

  8. Chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra daily for 11 or 21 times. Those individuals who are going through a period of disease or health problems should chant the mantra for 108 times.
These remedial measures are good enough if you do them yourself.

Although wearing a Shani Yantra is very effective but it is very difficult to consecrate it. Go for Yajana, Rudraabhishek and the "Shani Yantra" if the above described remedies do not give the desired benefits.

Have faith. It is the strongest force

!!!! Narbhavi-Good has to happen !!!!