Various Planets in 10th House
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The 10th house of the Rashi chart is one of the most important house. It is from this house an individual's career, occupation and profession is determined. Temporal honours, self respect, knowledge, dignity and father are also studied from this house. It is a significant house as it is a Upchaya house as well a Kendra (quadrant) house.

While deducing results from the 10 th house it is also essential to study the 2nd house (wealth), 7th house (business partnerships) and the 11th house (income sources and avenues).

The house, it's lord and its placement, signification of the house, planets aspecting the house need to be analyzed in addition to the sign present in the house and it's characteristics to arrive at the correct conclusion.

Various planets in the 10th house produce the following results in regard to occupation

  1. Sun in 10th house

    Government officers and workers, dealers in precious stones, gem dealers, dealers in wood and hides, workers in mints, administrative officers and ministers.

  2. Moon in 10th house

    Sailors and navalmen, business of sea products, fisheries, transport business through waterways, maid servants and nurses.

  3. Mars in 10th house

    Dealers in arms and weapons, manufacture of acids and explosives, police, military, security officers, surgeons, dealers in gunpowder and fireworks, workers who use sharp and pointed instruments, sportsmen, butchers.

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  4. Mercury in 10th house

    Accountants, cashiers, bank related jobs, authors, clerks, typist, astrologers, poets, astronomers, teachers and lecturers, printing press owners, finance related transactions, contractors, supervisors, postmen, ommunication related job, information technology, computers.

  5. Jupiter in 10th house

    Thinkers, philosophers, masters at science and scriputres, relegious seers and prophets, tutuors, monks, professors, minsters, clergymen

  6. Venus in 10th house
    Costume and ornaments dealers, cosmetics, actors, speakers, hotel owners, food business, men at bars, designers, models, gem sellers, confectioners, dealers of automobiles and vehicles, cold storage and ice factory owners.

  7. Saturn in 10th house

    Oil dealers, spirits, wine and alcohol, shoe makers, dealers in wood and stone, herbs and medicines, placement agencies, servants, tea planters.

  8. Rahu (moon's north node) in 10th house

    Astronomers, space travellers, magicians, hypnotists, wine sellers, circus men, wireless workers.

  9. Ketu (moon's south node) in 10th house

    Foreign trade, psychologists, occult, palmists, parapsychologists etc.
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