Planetary Combinations & Career
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In addition to the planets in the 10th house one must also study the combinations of planets occurring in the 10th house. Different planetary conjunctions in different signs produce different results. All factors must be analyzed before prediction. For example conjunction of venus and mercury in Virgo ascendant produces a Raja Yoga of the first order.

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Compatibility Table

Combination of planets in the 10th house Result of the Combination in the 10th house 
sun+mercury jobs of prestige and high rank, services in finance sector and the economics related departments of
the Government, politicians
saturn+mercury touts and guides, brokers, book shop owners, printing press ,book sellers, customs and excise departments, undertakers
venus+mercury Poets, authors, literary men, drama writers, envoys, foreign service, executives, medical representatives
mercury+moon exhibitors in fairs, cinema distribution agents
mercury+mars surgeons, chemists, telephone and fax operators, auditors, compositors, druggists
mercury+jupiter Researchers, clergymen, mayors, counselors, lawyers
and magistrates.
jupiter+sun Heads and members of religious trusts and institutions, religious seers and prophets, theologists, preceptors, healers, statesmen
jupiter+saturn occultists, related to charitable institutions, contractors, hypnotists
jupiter+moon correspondents and journalists, related to female affairs, matrimonial agency owners.
jupiter+venus poets, theosophists, social services
venus+moon earning through females, bars, hotels, fast food, cosmetics, shipping business, perfumes and scents, cosmetics
venus+mercury teachers of fine arts and dance, dealers in lime and coal, actors, shoe makers, dealers of hides and skins
venus+mars Gamblers, murderer's, assaulters, sex traders, female traders, motor drivers, menials and craftsmen
venus+saturn tobacco dealers, musical instruments, leather handicrafts
moon+rahu air hostess, pilots
mars+rahu adventurers, drivers, rocket projectors, space scientists
mercury+rahu photographers, watch sellers, wireless sets, communication equipment
venus+rahu playback singers, toddy sellers, women dealers
saturn+rahu spare parts, electronics, circus men, comedians, wrestlers

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