A Dakshinavarti Shankh/Dakshinaeye Shankh-Conch with the Right Side/South side Opening
Dakshinavarti Shankh, Dakshinaeye Shankh

Dakshinavarti Shankh

The Dakshinavarti Shankh also known as Dakshinaeye Shankh is a conch with the right side opening/South side opening. Conchs with left side openings are available widely but the Dakshinavarti Shankh is a rare conch with the south side/right side opening. Wherever it is worshipped and kept it ensures good future to all specially wealth. It assumes special significance in the worship of Mahalaxmi and Mahavishnu. It is used in many Tantrik Sadhanas. It is known to bring wealth and all comforts of life. It can also be used for Rudraabhishek and giving Arghya to the Sun.
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