Sadhanas for Obtaining the blessings of Mahalaxmi - The Goddess Of Wealth - Laxmi Sadhanas
shri yantra, shree yantra

The Shri Yantra - Provider of all pleasures

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  1. Tantrik Sadhana for Obtaining Wealth

    On Diwali or on any Wednesday of a rising moon period sit facing the north direction. Light a holy fire in front of you. Mix 108 beads of Kamalgattas/Kamalgatta beads (Dried Lotus Beads) with ghee (clarified butter), Honey and sugar. Offer the beads one by one in the holy fire by chanting the mantra:


    By doing this Sadhana one definitely obtains the blessings of Mother Laxmi and obtains prosperity in the process.

  2. One form of Parad Laxmi Sadhana

    If you are facing monetary problems then do this sadhana.All monetary problems will vanish. Obtain a statue of Parad Laxmi(This statue is made of mercury and solidified after a series of complex chemical procedures) that has been consecrated with proper mantras. Take a rosary of sea shells and chant the following mantra regularly:


  3. Vasudha Laxmi Sadhana

    Vasudha Laxmi is one of the divine form of Mahalaxmi that gives success in all land related dealings. This Sadhana is for individuals who want to buy their own land but are not being successful for one reason or the another. This Sadhana is also for individuals who are facing land related litigations. This is the best Sadhana for people who want to construct their own house.

    On a Monday of a rising moon period sit facing north. Keep a picture of Mahalaxmi in front of you along with the picture of your Guru (spiritual guide). If you do not have a Guru then keep a picture of Lord Shiva and worship him as your Guru. Do the necessary daily pooja and chant one rosary of the guru mantra. Thereafter take a red cloth and make a triangle on it with unbroken rice. In the center of the triangle make a mound of Kumkum. and establish the VASUDHA LAXMI YANTRA on it. Light a lamp of clarified butter and incense in front of the yantra. Take some water in your right hand and express your land/house related desire and let the water flow onto the ground after you have expressed your desire. Then chant the following mantra for one hour:


    After the mantra chanting is over lift the kumkum that is under the Yantra carefully an wrap it in wet mud. the next day when this wet mud ball is dry then wrap it along with the red cloth and the Yantra and drop these items in a river or a lake where their is flowing water. All your land related problems will be solved

  4. Sadhana related to the rosary of SPHATIK (ROCK CRYSTAL)

    Procure a sphatika rosary (Rosary of Rock Crystal). Wash it with Ganges water. Apply a tilak of KumKum and light a lamp of clarified butter and incense in front of it. Then chant the following mantra on this rosary:


    This is a simple Sadhana and it ensures that Mahalaxmi stays in your home.
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