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World Predictions 2003/Vedic Astrology Predictions 2003-The future of the world in 2003

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest update on astromandir's most awaited feature - The World Predictions 2003. Several questions cloud an individual's mind at the start of the New Year. Whether an individual is interested in Astrology or not, the eagerness to know the future is immense. The year gone by sprung a lot of surprises for us too. The maximum hits we received to this feature was from a leading stock market website just after the US markets crashed-a crash that was predicted by astromandir.com as early as Jan 2002 itself. World Predictions 2002 can be read by clicking here.

In continuation with the websites Open Letter Policy you are free to access the predictions for 2003. There is one request from us although- We cannot cover all countries in this feature. There were several mails from individuals from countries that were not covered in 2002. As specified earlier we will predict for major players destiny has chosen to play a major part on the world stage in the year 2003. We at Astro Journey wish you all, "Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhinah Sarve Santhu Niramaya" i.e., "May all be happy and may all be disease free" from our heart and request all spiritual healers to pray for world peace so that the wounds inflicted on the world can be healed.

Predictions for the United States of America in 2003
  • The Start of the year sees USA in a very aggressive mood. USA will mount pressure on IRAQ from all sides. It won't be a surprise if there is an out and out attack on IRAQ in the first 3 months of the year. January, February and March are the months that see USA going on a military offensive.

  • The first quarter of the year sees disappointments for the USA in foreign relations. Countries that could have never imagined to defy a power like the USA will become aggressive against it and criticize it on the world stage. The Government will also face criticism from public on may policies.

  • The Economy will improve till July 2003. August-December is a time frame that sees USA battling with many calamities like Earthquakes, fire accidents, Cyclones and bio terrorism. March and April are months in which a major disaster such as an Earthquake may occur. There are chances of a national tragedy during this time.

  • The USA will go out for destroying terrorism but will not be successful. The plague of terrorism will keep on increasing. There are chances that USA's armaments depot's may be destroyed.

  • The citizens of the USA have to be very careful in March-April and then again in November as there are indications of mass destruction.

  • USA should increase security in public transport as there is a danger of an accident in which many individuals may be affected.

  • October and November will be the most challenging months for the US Government. The Government is in danger of being publicly shamed due to corruption charges and misappropriation of public funds.

  • March, April and November will be the worst months for the USA. The security measures of senior Leaders and Government officials should be increased.

Predictions for India in 2003 
  • The Year 2003 will see India gearing up for battling terrorism. India will face many obstacles in controlling terrorism especially from the neighboring countries. The Government will support new companies and give encouragement to the Entrepreneurs. Many multinational companies will make inroads into the Indian markets.

  • The Indian consumer will finally be King and due to new technological advancements especially in the field of communication will have a wide variety of choices. Jupiter's transit in Cancer will be very good for the Indian Economy.

  • Violence is indicated during State elections where the Government's will change definitely.

  • India's stand on terrorism and its foreign policy will be appreciated worldwide.

  • June, July and August are the months which see India battling with natural calamities like Earthquakes. Many people are likely to be affected. Fire accidents are also likely during this period.

  • There will be one military offensive but no major war is foreseen. A good year for India compared to the Year gone by.

Predictions for Pakistan in 2003
  • It is unlikely that the economy of Pakistan improves. Their attempts for self sufficiency will face setbacks. They will be more dependent on the USA for their economic welfare. Public unrest against Government policies is clearly indicated. Seniors leaders will face allegations of corruption and forcing leaders of smaller parties to toe their line. Growing resentment against Government policies and administration are clearly foreseen.

Predictions for Iraq in 2003
  • The first three months of the new year see Iraq under tremendous pressure from the world community and the UN. The USA may go for an out and out attack on Iraq and a war is clearly foreseen. An adverse time for President Saddam Hussein which may eventually see him relinquishing his position.

Predictions for Russia in 2003
  • A good year is predicted for Russia. They will have more co operation from the USA and Russia will play a more proactive role on the world stage. There will be many improvements in the economic conditions and from July 2003 onwards Russia's economic policies will begin to pay off. April, May and June show internal conflicts and threat to senior leaders of the parliament but the Government will be able to deal with these minor obstacles comfortably.

Predictions for Israel in 2003
  • Israel will gain an upper hand in its conflict against Palestine. The world community will become amiable towards Israel's viewpoint and there will be support from major world powers.

Predictions for Afghanistan in 2003
  • The Government will have a real tough time getting things back on track but this war ravaged country will definitely progress this year. Disputes with Islamic states is indicated although.

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