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World Predictions 2002/Vedic Astrology Predictions 2002-The future of the world in 2002

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Dear Friends,

As one Year ends and another starts it is but natural for an Astrology lover to ask ,"What will happen in the Year 2002?".Astro Journey received countless mails in the month of December 2001 itself requesting that World Predictions 2002 be put on the Web as soon as possible and as it is not a tradition for Astro Journey to send automated responses it was quite a task for the services department. This Year will radically change the way the World thinks and conducts its affairs. The months of May, June and July are going to be very difficult months the World over where violent and revolutionary changes will occur across the Globe. In these difficult months it is our humble request that healers all over the world pray for World Peace. The World will undergo a catharsis in the Year 2002.We will discuss the World Predictions in detail country wise with special emphasis on the major players destiny has chosen to play a major part in the Year 2002.

Predictions for the United States of America in 2002
  • The United States of America will face challenges like never before. The 9/11 incident fundamentally changed the way this World thinks. There are chances of terrorist attacks, conspiracies, mass destruction, natural calamities and violence. The Saturn-Rahu conjunction occurring on 06-06-2002 is a very malefic conjunction and Americans have to be very careful in the Months of May, June and July. America may find itself launching into an military offensive against terrorist states specially in the months mentioned above.

  • The USA will find itself involved in several conflicts the World over leading to increased expenditure. The Americans will find themselves drawn towards spirituality and esoteric phenomena. Improvements in the Economy will be there albeit slow. The Stock exchange faces one major disaster specially in the Month of June(11 June-17 June 2002). America must also increase security in schools and universities.

  • President Bush will have a tough Year and face challenges throughout the Year. He has to take special care of his health specially from May-July. The Second half of the Year will be better for him than the first half however litigation and public embarrassment cannot be ruled out.

!!! The Solar Eclipse occuring on 11-06-2002 will create a lot of Problems. The Economy will receive a setback during this period and there will be incidents of Violence !!!
Predictions for India in 2002 
  • India's period of growth continues and it will emerge as a major player on the world stage. India's foreign policy and the handling of the Kashmir issue will receive much appreciation throughout the world. Cross border terrorism continues and reaches a peak in June. The May-July period will be the toughest challenge the Indian Government has faced in the last three years. During this time a mid term poll or a war with Pakistan is a high probability. Destiny will give only two options to the Indian Government in the Months of May, June and July and making the choice will be tough. Senior leaders will have to be very careful during this period. Earthquakes, scandals, Scams and conspiracies rock Central India specially. There are chances that two major Indian Corporate house face humiliation. Train tragedies and losses from fire also indicated. Atal Ji and Advani Ji should be very careful in the Months of May-June-July.

  • Jupiter's transit to Cancer will see Atal Bihari Vajpayee being recognized as a World Statesman and he will be the recipient of two major international awards.

  • At State level the Ruling BJP will undergo organizational upheavals. The spiritual revolution will start in India and Vedic Sciences, Astrology, Vasthu and Ayurveda will gain recognition worldwide.

!!!! The Year 2002 will be a violent one. Let us all Pray for World Peace !!!!
Predictions for Pakistan in 2002
  • Pakistan's problems continue with disputes arising with Islamic States with which it had supportive relations earlier. The Period of February-July sees this country facing many calamities including loss by fire and violence occurring in Pakistan. The foreign policy will come under a cloud and the Government will face public censure and humiliation. A very tough Year for General Parvez Musharraf. He has to be very careful as regards his security for destiny is in a relentless mood and there may be fatal attempt on his life. Change of Leadership also indicated.

Predictions for Afganistan in 2002
  • This war ravaged country will find some solace this year and things will become better as the year progresses. However one major natural calamity specially in the middle of the Year forces one to think whether is this land actually cursed. If Mr.Osama Bin Laden survives July 2002 the World will not get a peaceful moment for another few Years.

!!! Economic conditions the world over will show marked improvements after 4th July 2002 !!!
Predictions for Britain in 2002
  • A tough year for Britain with violence and economic slowdown specially in the second half of the year. The Royal Family is again in the news for wrong reasons. An average year for Mr. Tony Blair. Though He gains worldwide appreciation He will face challenges in his own country. Mr.Blair will win accolades at the world stage in the second half of the Year, however security measures need to be tightened in the first half.

!!!! The World will become more spiritual in the Year 2002! Healers will play a major role in the Years to come !!!!
Predictions for Iraq in 2002
  • Iraq will gain support from Islamic states. Mr.Saddam Hussein will face one of the toughest challenges this Year. A sudden outbreak of War and attack from the USA cannot be ruled out in the period May-July 2002. Mr.Hussein will develop serous health problems.

Predictions for Israel in 2002
  • The conflict continues. The talks will fail and violence will break out off and on. A tough year for the national leadership. Suicide bombing and terrorist attacks will reach the peak in February, May and June. Refugees face violence. A grave time for both Mr.Arafat and Mr.Sharon. The conditions will be a precursor for a major war.

Predictions for Russia in 2002
  • Overall improvements in all spheres of life continue. The Economy shows marked improvement. Natural calamities foreseen. Sporadic incidents of Violence and one major disaster foreseen in the May-July period. Russia will not directly involve itself in the war against global terrorism.

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