Numerology Optimization Report

Do you know what is common in the company names like:

  • Microsoft

  • Infosys

  • Oracle

  • Wipro

  • Yahoo

Do you know the numerological secret lying behind these high value companies:

What has made these companies what they are today besides their hard work and enterprise:

All the above names have the strategic placement of the Letter "O" which has given these names the power to outdo others in the present planetary cycle which is operating from 1990 onwards.

The power of Numerology is immense and following numerological principles brings immediate results. Astro Journey Numerological Optimization report is based on the principles of time and uses the best principles of Indian, Kabbalah and Chaldean Numerology to give you your best numbers and names which you can apply in day to day life for the best results.

Use the power of numbers to move ahead in life and create a great future for yourself and your loved ones.

The numerological Report will cover

  1. Analysis of your name - The power of yourr existing name and what is it actually doing for you.

  2. Alterations to your name if any. We willl give you a new optimized name spelling if your existing name is not in harmony with your destiny. For example K Jonathan is not the same as K Jonaathan.

  3. Your lucky dates of the month which willl enable you to schedule important activities on these dates or start new important things on these dates so that your success rate goes up.

  4. Your unlucky dates- The Dates which youu should stay away from at all costs. New activities/ventures/meetings on these dates are likely to create problems and the failure rate is high on these dates.

  5. Your relationships numbers- The dates of birth of the individuals/ soul mate/business partners whom you will build excellent, stable and progressive relationships. This will also analyze the negative vibration people from who you should stay away.

  6. Suggestion of your lucky bank account nuumber. In case you want to open a new account we will suggest the date for it.

  7. Your lucky and unlucky Colors.

  8. Your Phone number

  9. Use the powers of numbers to achieve what you desire.

  10. Your Phone number
Data required for this report
  1. Date Of Birth (Example format: 25 April 1977)

  2. Any specific Goal or Desire you have (Optional)
Send this data to or fill it in the special instructions box at the time of placing your order.

Ordering Information

Item code EMC05: Astro Journey Numerology Optimization Report. Price USD($) 11.95/-. The report shall be sent by e-mail only. Once we receive your order you will receive a confirmation mail within 24 hours. From this date, your report will take 7 - 9 business days for delivery to your e-mail address.