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World Predictions 2005/Vedic Astrology Predictions 2005-The future of the world in 2005

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Dear Friends,

Astro Journey is pleased to present the World Predictions 2005. These comprise predictions about countries, apart from India, who are likely to play the key roles and will be watched carefully. Since the forecasting involves complex calculations (which requires a lot of time) only the more important ones have been dealt with. These will be the countries whom destiny has chosen to play an important part in the celestial drama that will unfold in 2005.

Astro Journey is also glad to announce that it has hit the bulls eye where its predictions for the year 2004 are concerned. In retrospect, all the major events that have gone by in the last year, fall in line with our predictions.

Astro Journey thanks all its friends, clients, patrons and web visitors for their overwhelming response. And in return we promise to keep the sincere and honest efforts going into making lives better.

Astro Journey wish you all, "Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhinah Sarve Santhu Niramaya" i.e., "May all be happy and may all be disease free" from our heart and request all spiritual healers to pray for world peace so that the wounds inflicted on the world can be healed. We wish you all a very happy and a prosperous New year. May your desires be fulfilled.

Another thing that we would like to say is that many times individuals are curious to know the future of world leaders. This is possible only if we procure the verified data. If you are sending us the data please ensure that you check whether it is from a authentic source or not. This will save you as well as us the blushes. Astrologers, who may have divergent views from us are also welcome to voice their opinion provided it is backed by proper astrological logic. Astrologers can and do go wrong, but let us ensure that Astrology is a winner. May we take this predictive technique to a higher level.

Predictions for the United States of America in 2005

  • War on terror policy continues and America adopts a aggressive stance. Military action again another country is sure between February to May.

  • Retrograde Saturn in Gemini poses threat of terrorist attacks and danger to public life from middle of January to end of May. Increased caution and security is required.

  • Chances of invasion and attack against a country by the USA are present from middle of march to the end of May. It will have to face criticism from other countries of the world. Rigid foreign policy continues.

  • American high commissions and consulates remain under high terrorist threat in the first 6 months of the new year.

  • January and February will be tough for high ranking Government officials. There may be allegations of corruption. Security of these officials also needs to be increased.

  • The public will turn more introspective and interest in alternative healing sciences, astrology and Tantra increase.

  • The economy will be able to cope with pressures. Good time for American economy foreseen from October. Dollar rates will keep on fluctuating till October.

  • One major international terrorist will be caught dealing a severe blow to a major terrorist organization.

  • Technological advancement and scientific breakthroughs are foreseen. Major scientific breakthroughs are foreseen. New treatments for diseases such as AIDS and cancer will be found. Biotechnology and genetics also see major breakthroughs.

Predictions for India & Pakistan in 2005 

  • The transit of Jupiter in Virgo will make the judiciary and the judicial system very active. Corrupt judicial officials will face the music.

  • The UPA Government will face challenges and excessive criticism from May onwards. May, July and August will create threatening situations and some alliance partners will threaten to withdraw support from the Government.

  • The Economy will continue to grow and emerge much more stable and strong. Rising prices of the essential commodities will keep the ruling Government under pressure though.

  • The first three months see a natural disaster destroying many lives.

  • Progressive economic policies lead to a feel good factor in the Stock Market. Export Import trade continues to grow. Crisis months for the economy are April end, May and June.

  • Rapid scientific and technological developments assured. An Indian will be awarded on the world stage for scientific development.

  • The pressure of opposition parties will increase in Pakistan. Indo Pak relations may reach a Nadir in February. Chance of a war breaking out or increase military activity between the last week of February to May end. Jammu Kashmir problem will not be solved and more deaths due to terrorist attacks likely from January end. The security of foreign dignitaries visiting India needs to be increased as attacks on them are possible.

  • India faces challenges of violence, explosions, public vehicular accidents and Earthquakes from Janury end to Mid May.

  • Violence and terrorist activity in Kashmir will continue. January, February and June will see Kashmir experiencing explosions and bomb blasts.

Predictions for Sri Lanka in 2005

  • A very adverse time or this country is predicted for the first 5 months. A natural disaster will wreak havoc and will cause massive destruction.

  • The citizens will get agitated and will remain critical of the Government policies.

  • An amicable solution to the LTTE problem remains a fantasy. Terrorist activities on the rise. Economy will be under duress and problem of unemployment will lead to demonstrations.

  • The Government will become aggressive and adopt a tough stance against the rebels from June onwards.

  • Military strife continues to plague the island country.

  • Not much hope for the resurgence in the economy.

Predictions for Japan in 2005

  • Chances of a natural disaster like and earthquake, fire, tsunami causing massive destruction are high from June end to August. One major natural calamity will occur. Economy continues to improve and is stable.

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