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Vedic Astrology Consultancy by E-Mail - Ask any one question

Astro Journey offers a gaze into the crystal ball, unfolding what the future holds. The human mind has always been inquisitive about what direction his/ her endeavours would take and whether or not they will bear fruit. 

Astro journey’s Vedic Astrology Consultation – One Queries Report answers any one questions sent by you based on your natal chart. 

Kindly mail the following details along with your questions:( These details should be provided in the special instructions box at the time of placing your order. Alternatively, you can send this data with your order no. at the following e-mail address: vedicastro4u@usa.net) 

  1. Date of birth (Example format: 19th July 1977) 

  2. Place of birth (Please include City, State and Country) 

  3. Time of birth (Please indicate AM/PM)

  4. Your Questions 

Astro Journey’s report will comprise Basics observations and analysis using the following planetary details of your chart:

  1. Moon sign / Rashi  (On which predictions in Vedic Astrology are based) 

  2. Ascendant / Lagna 

  3. Nakshatra 

  4. Details of the dasha and antardasha you are currently running 

  5. Sun Sign

  6. Position of Planets 

  7. Answers to the questions sent by you.

Item Code EMC02: Vedic Astrology - Ask 1 question Price USD($) 15.


  • The report shall be sent by email only. Your report will have your birth chart in addition to the analysis of your questions. 

  • A hard copy could be sent if required, on additional payment of the mailing charges. 

  • Please order for one person only. If analysis for other individuals are required please place fresh orders. Do not change the quantity of your order.

  • Birth Data should be sent to: vedicastro4u@usa.net You will receive a confirmation mail once your order and data is received successfully.