Curing Diseases and Problems using Substitute gems/Uparatna
A Pair of Garnets

!!!! Individual's with a spiritual disposition should wear Opal. Opal makes one pure and takes one nearer to God !!!!

The use of gemstones for wish fulfillment and in medical astrology is well known. In the brilliance and the beauty of precious gemstones one tends to forget the semiprecious gemstones called as uparatnas. They have more use in medical astrology and used for specific reasons. This article is an attempt to shed some light on these wonderful gifts of nature:

  1. Fire Fly Stone - The Panacea for bad dreams:

    The fire fly stone is also called as trinmani in Sanskrit. It was used in ancient Bharat for curing bad dreams. Keeping a fire fly stone near the bed while going to sleep ensures that the individual is free from bad dreams. This is also a good stone for individual's having ear troubles.

  2. Madder Stone - The stone for the curse of Rahu:

    The Madder stone is called as Ludhiya in Hindi and Manjishtha in Sanskrit. This stone helps those individuals whose charts are heavily afflicted by Rahu (the moon's node). Bad placement of Rahu leads to mental vacillation and attacks from spirits. The madder stone should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand in iron. The brownish red stone is widely available in South India and the Satapura ranges.

    !!!! Turquoise widely known as Firozah is a good luck stone. This bluish green stone changes it's colour before misfortune strikes the individual. It gives the combined effect of Mercury and Venus !!!!

  3. Spring Stone - The stone for curing skin troubles:

    The spring Stone is called as Nirjhar in Sanskrit and Sang Jharna in Persian. This stone if worn in copper helps to cure skin diseases and ailments. This beige colored stone is widely available in Cochin and Kanya Kumari.

  4. Iolite - The stone for curing liver related ailments:

    This tone also called as Kaka Neeli/Kakad Nili is found widely in Sri Lanka.It is blue and sometimes white also. It is used in liver disorders.

    !!!! Amethyst also known as Katela is used as a substitute for blue Sapphire. It cures alcoholism and Depression !!!!

  5. Antimony - The stone that is a blessing in Eye Troubles:

    Antimony also called as Sang Basri in Persian is widely used in eye ailments. It helps in sharpening of the vision. In Sanskrit this stone is known as Netranjan. This beige/Khaki colored stone is widely available in the Himalayan and the Hindukush region.

  6. Chrysolite - The Golden Gift of God

    Chrysolite is called as Swarnaschm in Sanskrit. It is commonly known as the Golden stone. This stone cures depressive tendencies and is helpful in getting a relaxed and deep sleep. Affliction due to Jupiter is cured by this stone. It is also helpful in tumor of the lungs.

    !!!! Gun metal is widely used in the Major Period Of Saturn. It keeps away the fear of Spirits !!!!

  7. Carnelian - The Stone of courage:

    Carnelian is called as Raat Ratua. It is helpful for people who are prone to regular fevers. It should be tied in the right arm. Worn in copper and silver it removes the affliction caused due to Mars. It is called as Nishasham in Sanskrit. This Stone is found in the Himalayan region, Abu mountains, Godavari, Tapati and Krishna rivers in India.

  8. Aquamarine - The bestower of family pleasures:

    Aquamarine bestows family pleasures. It increases love between two individuals. It was widely used in ancient times by mariners. They had faith that this stone will make their expeditions successful. It is known as Samudra Varnapashan in Sanskrit and Beruj/Beruz in Persian. This is a greenish blue stone and is found in Russia, Brazil, Africa, Himalayan region and Rajasthan (India).

!!!! Agate/Hakek is a protective Gemstone. It keeps the individual free from the effect of evil eye !!!!

- Aacharya Siddharth, Gaya

Note: This article was received in Hindi. It has been translated By Astro Journey Editors.