Crystal Sri Yantras-Himalayan Rock Crystal Sri Yantra-For prosperity and peace
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The Shri Yantra/Shree Yantra - Provider of All Pleasures !

!!! Shreem !!!

The Sri Yantra has been discussed at length. This auspicious Yantra has the capability of bringing windfall gains, prosperity and peace. It is also used in meditation and it is widely acknowledged the world over that it increases the communication between the left and the right hemispheres of the brain, increases concentration and provides a feeling of tranqulity. Astro Journey provides two kinds of Sri Yantras. One is of copper and the other is of Himalayan rock crystal/Sphatik/Quartz. To know more about the geometry and the physics of the Sri Yantra please click here and visit the links.

!!! Shreem !!!

Three Dimensional Rock Crystal Sri Yantra

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Item code SY01: Three Dimensional Rock Crystal Sri Yantra. Made of Himalayan Rock Crystal/Quartz.100 grams. Price USD($)121.For other sizes of the three dimensional rock crystal Sri Yantras please click on the Shopping Cart button at the bottom of the page. Audio Cassette containing Sacred Mahalakshmi Mantras and Stotras in Sanskrit is sent along with the method of establishing the Dakshinavarti Conch at home/office/business establishment.

Colored Sri Yantra on Copper

shri yantra, colored shir yantra, copper

Item code DK04:
Colored Sri Yantra on Copper. Price USD($)51