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Rudraksha Recommendation Report

Rudrakshas are divinely blessed powerhouses that are capable of not only enhancing the spiritual and temporal capacities of an individual but are quite well known for their use in medical astrology too. Click here to know about Rudrakshas. 

Astro Journey’s Rudraksha Recommendation Report offers analysis of individual natal chart to figure out the best option. 

The Rudraksha Recommendation Report will cover
  1. Sun Sign 

  2. Moon sign/Rashi (on which predictions in Vedic Astrology are based) 

  3. Ascendant/Lagna

  4. Nakshatra 

  5. What faced Rudraksha bead would be the best for you. 
Data required for this report
  1. Date of birth (Example format: 25th June 1963) 

  2. Place of birth (Please include City, State and Country) 

  3. Time of birth (Please indicate AM/PM)

Send this data to vedicastro4u@usa.net or fill it in the special instructions box at the time of placing your order.

Ordering Information

Item code EMC06: Rudraksha Recommendation Report. Price USD($) 11.95. The report shall be sent by e-mail only. Once we receive your order you will receive a confirmation mail within 24 hours. From this date, your report will take 7- 9 business days for delivery to your e-mail address.