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Results of the Lord of the 10th House in different Houses

Sri Venkateswara

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The 10th Lord in House no. Results of the 10th lord in this house
1stHouse The individual will be a hard worker and will make progress in life by perseverance. Will have his own business and will be financially independent.
2nd House The individual will have a lot of luck and will gain wealth by his chosen profession. May inherit family business. This combination indicates success in food related business.
3rd House The individual will get help from brothers to make advances in career. He will be a good speaker and will travel constantly regarding work
4th House The individual will show mastery over a combination of subjects and will be highly fortunate. Will earn fame due to knowledge and altruistic deeds. May engage in agriculture, real estate,vehicles,immovable assets related business. May enter Politics.
5th House Will be fortunate in speculation business and finance related activities. Pious and good life. Will set a high example of morals
6th House May get involved in judiciary, hospitals or prisons. Not a good placement. Not much wealth will accrue from business. Will be successful in services. Own business not advisable.
7th House The individual makes successful partnerships. Wealth accrues from wife. Abroad travel. Can be a diplomat and an envoy.
8th House The individual will have many breaks in career. An aspect of Saturn may make an individual an undertaker or entrust him with the responsibility of cremating dead bodies. Aspects of Rahu and Ketu will make one involved in occult pursuits and spirituality.
9th House The best combination for a spiritual career. The individual will be a scholar and people will come to seek such an individual's blessings. The individual will follow traditions and will be a very obedient son to the father
10th House If strongly disposed the native will have a good career and will be respected by all
11th House An excellent placement. Very wealthy, will be an industrialist and will employ many persons and will be kind to them. Will have an active social life and will possess powerful friends and companions.
12th House The native will work in a far off or a remote location. Sorrow indicated to family and friends. Low paying career

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