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Electional Astrology Report - Muhurata - Choosing the most auspicious moment

Classification Summary

Choosing the most auspicious moment according to Electional Astrology using traditional Vedic Astrology Muhurata Principles.

The entire Vedic Astrology is devoted to the study of time and making the best use of it. Lucky individuals are not those who are born with a silver spoon but those who understand the value and importance of time and make the best use of it.

At several moments in life a human being finds himself in a quandary to select the most opportune moment to take a decision. Whether it is the date and time of starting the construction of a new house or sending the application for an interview- the value of selecting the best possible time is immense.

Choosing the right moment can be the difference between success and failure. Even if the planets at the time of birth are not posited in a powerful position or the individual is undergoing adverse planetary transits- the science of muhurata- Electional astrology comes to the rescue. Ancient seers have laid down principles of selecting the right time for bringing important tasks to fruition. Choose the most important moment to ensure that your undertaking reaches a logical, successful completion without any hindrance.

We at Astro Journey will co ordinate with you and give you three dates and time frames for any activity. A thorough analysis of your chart will be made and the most potent and auspicious time will be fixed which will increase the chances of success. Some of the activities for which we take out an auspicious date and time are listed below. In case you require a time and date for any other activity other than those listed below please feel free to mail us at: vedicastro4u@usa.net for your exact requirement and we will get back to you.

Cases where Electional Astrology/Muhurata Shastra Can Help
Start of a New Business Launch of a New Product or Venture Restarting business on an auspicious date
Sending of application for interview Appearing for Visa Interview Launch of a Film or TV Serial
Purchasing of Land Purchasing of a new Vehicle Starting of Construction of House, Temple or business premises
Entering a New House/Griha Pravesha Shifting of residence Date of Travel
Date of starting medication or treatment Naming of New Born Baby/Namakarana First feeding of rice to baby/ Annaprasana
Tonsure/Mundan/Chowlam First Letter Introduction to Baby/ Aksharaabhyasa Investiture of Sacred Thread/Upanayanam
Engagement Marriage Fixing important meetings
Employing workers Buying Utensils Buying Jewelry
Lending Money Borrowing Money Buying New Stocks for Business
Making a Will Pledging Sowing of Seeds for the first time
Chanting of Mantras Performing a Sadhana Fixing the main door frame of the new house
Digging of wells Repair and Renovation of House Dismantling of Buildings
Short Journeys Long Journeys Air Travel
Sea Voyage Business Journeys Start of a Medical Treatment
Getting operated/Surgical Procedures Preparation of Medicines Town Buildings
Filing papers for an Election/Public Office Installing a Deity/Consecration of a Temple Launch of a Book

What do we need for choosing the best muhurata for you?
  1. Date Of Birth (Example format: 25 April 1977)

  2. Place of Birth (Please specify city, state and country)

  3. Time of Birth (Please indicate AM/PM)

We will co ordinate with you and provide you with the three best Muhurata/Most auspicious and potent time periods. Send this data to vedicastro4u@usa.net or fill it in the special instructions box at the time of placing your order.


Birth Data and other specifications should be sent to: vedicastro4u@usa.net. For any questions, comments, clarification regarding this report please send us an e-mail at vedicastro4u@usa.net or call ++91-80-25343583.

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