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Vedic Astrology is a science of tendencies and predictions are based on established planetary astrology laws and birth data and co ordinates provided by individuals. Any act or decision taken by the seeker (from here on individual) will be at own will and risks. Astro Journey is not liable to any such acts or decisions taken by individuals. All rights regarding articles published here are reserved with Astro Journey. Publication of an article does not mean that the editors necessarily agree with the views expressed. Unbelieving individuals are at a liberty to consider anything published here as mere hearsay or gossip. Any name, place or event mentioned herein has no relation to any one or any place or event, It is a mere co incidence if any name or event matches to any event or name in real life. No arguments shall be sustained regarding articles published in this website and neither the writers, editor, publisher shall be held in any way responsible for the same. All disputes and controversies will be settled in Ajmer court only. The articles mentioned here can be obtained from any place, If the individuals, so wish they can be sent these articles from the website office, and though every effort is made to ensure that these are authentic but still we shall not be responsible for their genuineness or their effect/non effect. Astro Journey makes an honest and a conscious attempt to provide individuals with the original and the best of articles. Individuals must order on their own faith. Any disputes regarding prices of the same shall not be entertained. No objections or views shall be acceptable in this regard. An individual should not do any Sadhana or use any Mantra in a manner which is against the moral, social, legal and ethical rules/norms. Astro Journey ,The editors, the owners will not be responsible in any way for such acts.

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In the event that any portion of all the terms and conditions on this Web page is held to be unenforceable, the unenforceable portion shall be construed in accordance with applicable law as nearly as possible to reflect the original intentions of Astro Journey and the remainder of the provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

Usage limitations

The services offered by Astro Journey are intended for private use by human individuals interested in astrology. It is not allowed to build a commercial service based on the resources of this server, to resell or redistribute services or data offered by this server, or to extract the information in this server systematically for data capture. All exceptions to this rule require the consent of Astro Journey in writing and are valid only until revoked. 


This is a free service offered to you by Astro Journey. As a result, we cannot and do not guarantee that the links set out on our site will be accurate at the time of your access. Moreover, the sites pointed at by Hyperlinks are developed and possibly maintained by persons over whom Astro Journey exercises no control. We cannot and do not monitor the sites linked to our pages on the Internet. Accordingly, Astro Journey does not assume any responsibility for the content of any site referenced to by any Hyperlink or otherwise. 


Astro Journey believes that persons who make information available on the World Wide Web or in newsgroups do so with the expectation that such information will be publicly and widely available. Further, the respective entity believes that its making available Hyperlinks to publicly accessible Web pages and newsgroups is legally permissible and consistent with the common, customary expectations of those who make use of the Internet.

If access to a particular Web site is restricted, the entity providing the service will remove the link from their site at the other site operator's written request.

Reliability of Information

You assume total responsibility and risk for your use of the Web pages created and offered by Astro Journey or other persons. Neither Astro Journey nor any of its employees make any express or implied warranties, representations or endorsements whatsoever (including without limitation warranties of title or no infringement, or the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) with regard to any merchandise, information or service provided through its Web pages or on the Internet generally. They shall not be liable for any cost or damage arising to you or any third party either directly or indirectly from any transaction, be it through the Internet or otherwise. 

It is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all opinions, advice, services and other information, and the quality and merchantability of all merchandise, provided through the Web pages of Astro Journey or on the Internet generally.

All information contained on any page set up by Astro Journey is distributed with the understanding that the authors, publisher and distributor are not rendering legal, accounting or other professional advice or opinions on specific facts or matters, and, accordingly, they assume no liability whatsoever in connection with its use. You should always consult with your legal or tax advisor with respect to your situation. 

Astro Journey shall under no circumstances be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages that result in any way from your use of the Internet or your reliance on or use of information gained or services or merchandise provided on or through our Web sites or the Web sites of third parties.

Data Protection

Astro Journey has no obligation to monitor any transmission made through the respective Web pages and newsgroups. However, you agree that Astro Journey has the right to monitor their Internet services electronically from time to time and to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request or to protect itself.

Software Quality

Astro Journey does not warrant that any information, software or other material accessible through one of its Web pages is free of viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful components.

User Conduct

When making use of the service provided on the Web pages of Astro Journey you may not: 
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Update of Legal Information

This page is updated and modified from time to time. Every time you access a Web page of Astro Journey you must make sure that you check this page.