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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2013 according to Indian Astrology
capricorn, makar rashi
Makar Rashi Yearly Horoscope 2013 according to Indian Astrology

Important: This Horoscope and Prediction is according to your Moon sign. If you do not know your moon sign check your moon sign to know.

Dear Capricorn,

Here’s a look at the major planetary transits this year with respect to your moon sign and therefore results are affected tremendously by them:

- Jupiter or Brihaspati moves through the sign of Taurus 5th from your natal Moon till 31st May and then 6th to your natal Moon in the sign of Gemini, till the year end.

Note: (Jupiter remains Retrograde from 1st Jan 2013 to 30th Jan 2013 and from 9th Nov to 31st Dec 2013).

- Saturn transits through the sign of Libra, 10th to your natal Moon through out the year.

- Rahu transits through the sign of Libra, 10th to your natal Moon through out the year.

- Ketu transits through the sign of Aries 4th to you natal Moon till the year end.

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The Year 2013 for Capricorn/Makar in a Nutshell

The year 2013 looks to be a mixed year with better results concentrated in the initial half of the year. While you register growth and see new opportunities manifesting in the first half, there may be minor hitches you face at work place. Stay away from office politics and petty gossip. Hidden enemies may try to harm your interests. You need not worry too much about validating your position, as people who try to pull you down would taste defeat. You will need to keep your conduct ethical and above board. Keep your conversations clear of controversial issues and your communication clear from any ambiguity. While you move forward in status and financial standing, you may have to deal with some emotional situations. You really may have to tap into your inner reserves of strength.

Health Prospects for Capricorn/Makar in 2013

Health is middling for the individuals under this sign of the zodiac. There may be blood related disorders troubling you- blood pressure, anaemia etc. You will need to take definite steps to shed excess weight as it may lead to onset of lifestyle diseases. Lethargy and fatigue may be other reasons for slowing down. Ill health of a loved one may give you sleepless nights. Medical expenditure causes a major dent in your earnings.

Work, Business and Finance for Capricorn/Makar in 2013

The first half of the year is definitely more favourable for the individuals born under this sign of the Zodiac. You should try to consolidate your position and your gains during the favourable time. During this time, you have the favour of superiors and the permissions or sanctions you seek may come through. This period is also favourable for gain of immovable property or hard assets. Jewellery, acquisition of precious metal is also foreseen. Gain through cattle/ animal wealth is indicated. Public acclaim and honour could be yours. Things may turn somewhat difficult in the period post May. You should refrain from entering into arguments with senior / people in position of authority. Rivals / gossipmongers at work may try to make it tough for you. There may be opposition to your proposals and ideas. Sudden obstacles may dampen your moral and induce frustration.

You will need to remain strong in spirit even in face of difficulty. Sudden expenditure may upset your planning. Make sure that you carry out the assigned tasks with utmost care. Skipping on details may get flak and you will be especially sensitive in this phase. Take the criticism with a pinch of salt. You will need to stock up on patience. Individuals working on project basis or freelancing may find themselves having long spells of vacant days. Gainful employment opportunities may come by but may not be entirely to one’s liking. Those with political / leadership ambitions may see their dreams fulfilled.

Family, Romance and Relationships for Capricorn/Makar in 2013

The year 2013 has a good beginning with peace, harmony and positive energy prevailing in your environment. There is love and blessings from your superiors. They are likely to support you in your endeavours. There is also joy and pride stemming from acquisition of an immovable property. There may be some issues surfacing after June where latent grievances come to the fore - relationship with parents may see some rough days. In addition, there may be some discord/ disagreements with maternal relatives. You will do well to exercise patience and give fair hearing to people around you. Time is favourable for a new liaison, a birth in family. If you intend to settle down or get engaged, time is favourable till 31st May. You will need to uproot overanalyses and pessimism from your thinking to get rid of emotionally upsetting issues.

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Lucky Factors for Capricorn/Makar
Lucky Color Sky Blue
Lucky Days Saturday
Lucky Number 8
Lucky Dates 8, 17, 26
Lucky Individuals Aquarius
Gemstone Remedies for Capricorn/Makar in 2013


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Performance of these life optimizing remedial measures given below will ensure that new opportunities come in your life and obstacles and impending conditions are kept in check. Utilize timeless wisdom to forge ahead in life with enthusiasm and prosperity.

  1. Wear a Natural Unheated and Untreated Blue Sapphire of 2-4 carats in the Middle Finger, set in a Silver Ring.

  2. Wear a Natural Unheated and Untreated Emerald of 2-3 carats set in gold ring in little finger.

Life Potential Optimization and Remedial measures for Capricorn/Makar in 2013

Performance of these life optimizing remedial measures given below will ensure that new opportunities come in your life and obstacles and impending conditions are kept in check. Utilize timeless wisdom to forge ahead in life with enthusiasm and prosperity.

  1. Fast on Tuesdays and Chant the Hanuman Chalisa.

  2. Wear a consecrated and energized Saturn Rudraksha Pendant blessed in your name and birth star touching the heart chakra for better financial luck and career advancement.

  3. Mantra to be chanted: Saturn Mantra/Shani Mantra : OM PRAANG PREENG PROUNG SAH SHANESHRAY NAMAH. This is the mantra for planet Saturn which rules your moon sign Capricorn. Saturn stands for long standing success, balanced views, maturity and relationship with employees. Use this mantra to get strength and vitality from your planetary ruler. The mantra can be chanted 11, 27, 54 or 108 times every morning.

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Date Planner For Capricorn/Makar in 2013

Dear Capricorn these dates have been calculated according to the transits of the moon. Use these dates for maximizing your life potential. On lucky dates you can expect career developments, mental peace, meeting important people etc. On unlucky dates you can expect quarrels and confrontations, health problems, anxiety and mood swings. Go all out on your lucky dates and keep a low profile on negative and unlucky dates. If a date occurs on both sides of the table it means a mixed day. Experience the power of Vedic Astrology with these dates. If you keep statistical records you will realize potential of these dates calculated according to the movement of the moon.


Lucky Dates

Unlucky Dates


2,3,6,7,10,11,29,30 4,5,13,14,23,24,31

God Bless you with luck, health and prosperity.

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